Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Buddy is the King

December 11, 2012-Buddy and his "buddy" Dillon. Two gorgeous boys! His mom says "He's a sweet, laid back boy and always wants to be next to us. A very big cuddle bug. He shares his food when his "brother" (Dillon) decides to be pushy and steal what he's eating. He's a healthy, vocal, OTJ (off insulin) Siamese baby and we love him to pieces. He has become my snuggle buddy and he's just the sweetest thing in the world." Looks like Buddy landed himself a wonderful life!~JennF

June 10, 2012--Buddy, being the first pet in his new home, took the Alpha spot in record time. Shortly after Buddy arrived, his beans brought Miss Kitty in as a foster cat. Although Buddy and Miss Kitty have been physically separated, Buddy had little good to say about his beans disappearing into the bathroom to visit Miss Kitty.

Then along came Lulu, an older Boston Terrorizer adopted from a family member. Poor Lulu lost her bed to Buddy. It appears that Buddy rules with an iron paw.

Lulu: "That is my bed."
Buddy: "Not any more."
Sometime this afternoon Dillon will be arriving at his furever home with this family. Dillon is a small and somewhat timid boy. It is likely that Buddy's Alpha reign will continue, but we will keep you posted.

Long live the Siamese!!

I am Siamese if you please.
I am Siamese if you don't please.
I am from a residence of Siam.
There is no finer cat than I am.


Blue-eyed Buddy
May 17, 2012--Buddy found a new home in record time!! He is being adopted into the home and hearts of a lovely young couple in Virginia. Buddy's new Mom has experience hometesting a diabetic cat--the Mom's Mom (Grandma to you, Buddy) has an insulin-dependent diabetic cat that Buddy's new Mom (Sis to you, Thumper) is experienced at testing. However, the new Mom did tell us on her adoption application that she isn't experienced at drawing and shooting insulin.

Not to worry, though, as foster Mom Marty has done a great job getting Buddy immediately off the juice. And he hasn't had any trouble with inappropriate urination. We suppose that Buddy was feeling pretty lousy getting twice daily shots of insulin that he didn't need. Marty fell deeply in love with the Budster and will miss him terribly, but he will be the first cat into the adoptive couple's new home. Will that make him the Alpha animal? We hope so, but we will have to see when the couple adopts a family member's 10 YO (but still very active) Boston Terrorizer later this month. (Find you vertical spaces quickly, Buddy.)

We hope to ground transport Buddy to his new home this Saturday, but are still looking for some transport legs to be filled along I95 in South and North Carolina. If you can help, please let Claudia know at transport@dcin.info.

Welcome home, Mr. Buddy. It has been a great experience finding you, fostering you, and now placing you into your furever home. We hope to hear great things about you and see many more photos of your most handsome, blue-eyed self. ~Venita

BTW, we wouldn't mind some donations for Buddy. We would like to offer to have his new Beans take Buddy for a Welcome to the Vet visit. The PayPal link for that is below.


May 8, 2012--Yesterday involved a three-alarm rescue. Three of us--JennF, JennJ, and I-- worked on this. The good news is that we rescued Buddy, a most handsome diabetic Siamese or Siamese mix.

Buddy was adopted with another Siamese friend, Charlie--I'm not sure how long ago, but it wasn't long. Turned out he is diabetic, and because he is urinating inappropriately, his adoptive family needed help. We had been in contact with the Dad for a few months, but yesterday the Dad told us that Buddy had until the end of the day or he would go to the vet for PTS.
Buddy (front) with Charlie

Knowing that we had some friends who would help us, we found Buddy a long-term foster home in the South. We also found a short-term foster home in the local Atlanta area. We had the Dad drop Buddy at the vet along with a surrender contract. The Dad paid for Buddy's overnight boarding and an FIV/FeLV test (which is negative). The Dad also gave DCIN a donation for Buddy's care. Our short-term foster Mom will pick Buddy up this afternoon and keep him for a couple of days until he flies to his long-term foster home.

SIGH. I am so glad we were able to rescue Buddy. But here are my two questions for you.

Are you willing to adopt Buddy? If you are, please contact JennF at JennF@dcin.info for an adoption application. We would prefer to fly Buddy only once, but we only have a couple days to find his placement. We think there must be diabetic caregivers who cherish Siamese. We can send potential adopter additional information about him, including his vet records.
Full body Buddy. LOL.

Can you donate for or sponsor Buddy? Below are PayPal buttons to do that. It usually costs DCIN a minimum of $500 to relocate a diabetic cat (flight, carrier, and initial vetting). We also will have ongoing costs for treatment and vetting.

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