Monday, May 7, 2012

Lila, with a rescue in NC, OTJ

February 7, 2013--We recently heard that Lila's foster Mom got her Off the Juice (OTJ), no longer needing insulin shots, diet-controlled. Congrats Lila and Mom!! We hope that the rescue will be able to find dear Lila a home that will maintain her diet to keep her OTJ!

This is Lila's PetFinder page.


May 24, 2012:  Lila has gained some weight and is looking beautiful.  She is a lovely girl who needs a home of her home.  Her foster mom is very busy with kitten season in full swing.  She is caring for a three week old kitten that needs to be bottle fed.  As you might imagine, that doesn't leave much time for Lila or much time for foster mom to care for herself.


May 7, 2012: This stunning beauty named Lila is with a rescue group in North Carolina. The information from the rescue group is here:

My name is Lila. I am about 10 years old. My foster mom rescued me from a kill shelter after my former family dropped me off there. I have not been feeling very well, so my foster mom took me to the Vet and it turns out I am diabetic. They were able to catch it early, which is good, although, I do have to have shots everyday. :-(  I don't like it but it is making me feel better. I am looking for someone special who will not mind having to give me daily shots. I will give you lots of love and be a great companion for you. Please consider taking me home. I prefer to be the only cat to get the attention, but do not mind having a dog around.

Lila was diagnosed and started treatment late last week, so there are initial lab results only. Fructosamine was 657 (normal range is 42-450 ╬╝mol/L).

Currently on ProZinc, 1 unit BID and diet is canned food, Fancy Feast pate varieties.

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