Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fly Free, Miss Kitty!!

November 16, 2014--After two years and five months loving and being loved in her new home, Miss Kitty was stolen from her adoring forever Mom's arms by kidney failure. Miss Kitty claimed a very special place in her Mom's heart and will be sorely missed. Angelwings and land softly, Miss Kitty.

Miss Kitty while she was in DCIN foster care


Ah, love!!
June 21, 2012--On Saturday, June 23, Miss Kitty will be flying to her new home in the South. We still need to have her re-tested for FIV, but we have found an FD/FIV friendly home for her.

What we have discovered just recently, after several vet visits and some sleuthing by Carolyn, Oscar's new Mom, is that Miss Kitty has been in pain from a broken tooth. Now that she is on Tramadol, her attitude, energy level, and appetite have greatly improved. DCIN will be helping Miss Kitty get her teeth fixed once she gets to her new home.

We continue to ask for donations for Miss Kitty's vetting and her transportation. Please help if you can. (Chip-in widget removed.)


June 12, 2012--Miss Kitty has been fostering with Jennifer for a couple of weeks and the two have built a trusting and loving relationship. Jennifer has done a great job of testing Miss Kitty's blood glucose levels and she has only occasionally needed insulin. Miss Kitty has seen the vet and been treated for a urinary tract infection.

Someday, my Beans will come.
Because of the rush to save Miss Kitty's life, it slipped through the cracks that DCIN had to get an FIV/FeLV combo test done on Miss Kitty. Jennifer took her to the vet yesterday and the FIV results were a weak positive. For the time being we are classifying Miss Kitty as FIV+, although the vet has recommended follow-up testing in six weeks and then six months. It also turns out that Miss Kitty has a spot of something on her ear that might be ringworm.

Miss Kitty has blossomed into the most loving cat with Jennifer. It took some trust building, but Miss Kitty wanted to trust again. Should you be able to open your home and heart to Miss Kitty, please contact


I am so scared.
May 24, 2012--Miss Kitty is terrified. Her people dropped her off at the Prince William County VA shelter, and the shelter's plan was to kill her. Why? Whydoyathink? She's an insulin-dependent diabetic.

A good person from Fancy Cats Rescue Team was doing a shelter walk-through, looking for cats in need. She saw Miss Kitty being taken "into the back." Lucky Miss Kitty. She may have been in the wrong place, but it was the best time to be where she was.

Less than an hour later, Miss Kitty was out the shelter door in a carrier, not a trash can. She's FIV/FeLV negative, small in size, 8 years old, and just got her rabies and distemper vaccinations. Fancy Cats will be micro-chipping her, keeping on the ProZinc insulin she came with, starting her on wet food, and finding her past vet records.

I'm so small you can't see me, right?
DCIN almost immediately found a nearby foster home--Buddy's new Mom Jennifer stepped up to help. Within a few days, Miss Kitty will cruise down I-95 and take a sharp left turn at Richmond, getting close but not quite to the Beach area. There she will stay in quarantine for awhile, making sure she didn't pick up any shelter bugs and getting accustomed to her foster Mom and Dad and hometesting before she gets to meet her foster brother.

Miss Kitty may take some time to decompress. We will get her to a vet for a script for Lantus, which she will start once she gets to foster care.

We would like to find Miss Kitty a home quickly. She needs sanity, comfort, and permanency restored to her life. Think about it. She's really sick and then she is thrown away. Do you have a spot in your heart and home? Contact Miss Kitty's case manager at Venita@dcin,info.

We are asking for donations for Miss Kitty for vetting and transport. (Chip-in widget removed.)

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