Sunday, March 18, 2012

Passing the Torch

March 18, 2012--It has been joyous being DCIN’s Fundraising Spokescat. My >1500 DCIN Facebook friends have endured me wearing my crankypants when I wrote to them. They rejoice seeing my face with makeup, they admire the jewelry I wear, and when I flat-out say I need money for the cats—they respond with PayPal payments.

It is time for me to retire from my DCIN fundraising job. I would have been 19 YO soon. I have told Mom that I am ready to leave the planet.
Ennis as Joe Cool.
I have interviewed several applicants to replace me as DCIN Fundraising Spokescat. My choice is Mikey, currently in foster residence with JennF, a DCIN Case Manager, and Marc, Jenn’s fiancé who helps DCIN with multiple projects. This is a package deal. Without JennF and Marc, Mikey might not have made the cut.

Without further fanfare, I leave you to hear from Mikey, the new DCIN Fundraising Spokescat. He told me he would be a happy Fundraising Spokescat. Let’s see what he has to say about that. Some time back Auntie Jennifer J told me she wanted me to be a “Fun-Raising Spokescat.” Maybe Mikey will promise you that. You will have to see whether he delivers.
~Ennis93, the former DCIN Fundraising Spokescat and the King of Grumpy.

Mikey, the new DCIN FUNraising Spokescat!!
Before I begin I want to give a well deserved meow-out to my pally from the ally, Ennis. This is one cool cat that has given me the motivation, strength, and determination to get healthy, and I accept the passing of this torch with excitement and the responsibility as DCIN's new spokescat! It was a grueling interview process from Mr. Crankypants but I am certain I will make him proud.
I am presently being fostered by JennF and her amazing fiancé Marc. I have been with them for 4 months now and have officially started my OTJ trial. Marc enjoys dressing me up so I am very excited to be able to model for Avon, LiaSophia, and other online vendors that may want to offer their wares. My adjustment in my new home, which I call Le Masion de la Chat, has been very positive and life changing. Call the fashion police because this cat is heating up the cat walk and the ladies are noticing. Marc has posted several pictures of me on FB. I have to say I am one very handsome fellow!
Don’t tell JennF and Marc but I have found true love in their home as well. It comes in the form of their little snow shoe Siamese kitty Skye. We haven’t had an official date yet, but we do an awful lot of flirting when no one is looking. I have also taken ownership of Jenn’s side of the bed when she’s not there.
All kidding aside, I am a happy go lucky boy but when I need to get down to business, LOOK OUT! We need some serious fundraising and I will be nudging you to make those donations with my award winning smile, of course. Also stay tuned for some of my “Mikey likes it” and “Mikey doesn’t like it” articles. They will be sure to impress.
Ennis's cause gave me back all nine lives and I will always be thankful for the new responsibility of being the new FUNraising Spokescat for DCIN. I hope you will accept me, embrace my writing topics, and know that I am not replacing Ennis, but am an extension of his paws cause.
I also want a furever home. My blog page is here. You can contact my DCIN case manager at Jennifer@dcin,info if you think you might want to give me my own home and heart. Maybe if you give me a home, JennF and Marc will be able to foster, and "break," another diabetic cat.

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