Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Schwan's eCard Naffle!

It's time for a naffle! Thanks to Jack Abraham Resnick and his mom Sue, DCIN has some $25 Schwan's eGift Cards! For $5 per entry, you can have a chance to win TWO $25 eGift Cards - a total of $50 to use at Schwan's online! Help DCIN out and maybe get yourself some tasty food in the bargain! But don't hesitate - this naffle is only open through Saturday, 1/23/16!  (We may keep it open long enough if we haven't gotten enough donations to make it worthwhile yet.)

Because we can no longer use YouCaring for naffles, you'll need to go directly to PayPal and use the send money to friends or family option using donate@dcin.info.  If you use a credit card, please choose to pay the fee to maximize your donation to DCIN.  Be sure to leave us a note in the optional box telling us what your donation is for!

And if you'd just like to shop Schwan's to benefit DCIN, you can start here:
What's a naffle? It's not a raffle. Read our blog post for more details.

Best of luck, and thank you for caring! ~Amy

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Kitties with Diabetes Store

Diabetic Cats in Need no longer has any adoptable diabetic cats in foster care. However, DCIN is aware of many diabetic cats seeking new forever homes. Please see the listings for those cats on the DCIN Facebook page's photo albums.

If you can't adopt, foster. If you can't foster, volunteer. If you can't volunteer, donate. If you can't donate, share. Every action helps and each one is important.


Why is DCIN's main page called The Kitties with Diabetes Store? This story is from a woman who was going to soon adopt one of the DCIN cats. My 3 y/o son just asked me "Can we get a kitty from the kitty diabetes store?" I said, "The kitty diabetes store?" and he said, "Where kitties with diabetes that don't have homes come from!!" (kind of in that exasperated "DUH, Mom!" tone.) I said, "Why do you want another kitty with diabetes?" and he said, "Because we can take extra-good care of them since we know how." Boy, won't he be surprised when our "new" diabetic kitty arrives from "the kitty diabetes store" (aka: DCIN) hopefully next week! I can even tell him that I ordered the kitty online and had to wait for shipping! ~Venita

Sunday, January 10, 2016

DCIN 2016 Annual Auction - Donations Requested!

Hello, DCIN supporters! DCIN is asking for goods and services to be donated for its 3rd annual online auction.
Auction items should sell at a reasonable price: $8 to $100, including postage. We are looking for services of any kind that might have international appeal and goods in good to excellent condition that are not so fragile that they might break with mailing through the United States Postal Service. You can see the types of items donated and sold in last year's auction album.

Donors hold their items until there is a successful auction winner who has paid DCIN directly for their items. A DCIN Auction Team member will then contact the donors to let them know that the items are ready to mail and provide them with the name and mailing address of their item's winner.

To list items in the auction, the Auction Team needs the following from the donors emailed to Auction@dcin.info:

  • A clear photo of the individual goods being donated, displayed in an appealing manner. Multiple photos of the same item are welcome, especially those that show different sides of the same item. 
  •  A brief but detailed description of the goods or services being donated, including condition and size.
  • The minimum bid amount for the individual goods or services being donated.
  • If you know the regular retail value or the item, please include that.
  • Whether you also will be donating the cost of postage for the goods mailed within your country.
  • If you will not be donating the cost of domestic postage, the country in which the donated item is located and the approximate boxed weight of the item so that we can estimate mailing costs.
Currently, we plan to start the auction on Sunday, February 21, 2016, at 12 noon Eastern and end on Saturday, February 27, 2016, at 9 pm Eastern. We ask for your photos and information about your auction donations by Monday, February 15, 2016.

Thanks so much to all who are considering donating items for this auction. With your donations, we expect this to be a very successful fundraiser. 

~Amy, DCIN Development Director

Friday, January 1, 2016

Why We Love Our Extra-Sweet Kitties

As the new year begins, I thought it would be nice for us all to reflect on why and how much we love our kitties with diabetes.  The below are excerpts from posts made by DCIN fans about their kitties in honor of Jack Abraham Resnick's 6th Gotcha Day on 12/29/15.

**My angel Maggie was a great talker and had a voice like a Siamese, so she was very loud and always saying something silly. Daphne is my tiniest girl, and I adore her because she has just learned how to sit on my lap after being so timid for almost 16 years. Zoey is my gorgeous calico, who has taken Maggie's place in my bed and cuddles me at night to keep me from being lonely. Pokey George is my sweet timid boy, who has finally allowed me to pick him up and cuddle him for the first time in almost 16 years. Pearle is mama to Daphne, Zoey, and Pokey George and always comes to comfort me when I'm crying by putting her paws on my face and giving me kisses. And last by not least, Sweetie, who's only been with me for just under 2 years and is a great big lug of a lover boy being there for all kinds of hugs and kisses even tho' he's in kidney failure and has FIV.

**To date we have adopted 6 senior male diabetics, and each one has stolen a piece of my heart. Nelson was first in 2012. He was at a shelter in VA. I knew nothing about feline diabetes but I say he taught me everything I know. I found DCIN when we were planning to transport him and I have been a supporter ever since. The next 5 have all come to us because of DCIN and all have been long distance adoptions. Piper and Oscar in 2013, Leo in 2014 and Romeo and Den in 2015. The first three have left us, but we currently have 3 diabetics in the house. I became a case manager for DCIN in Jan of 2015 because of the on-going need for helping people navigate the disease. We adore each that joins our family and I am sure we will welcome more in the future.

**I love my kitties' way of doing what we call "drive by lovin'." They walk past you, then at the last minute bam! Lean against you hard and then keep walking. I love the good morning pats as Lady gently taps my cheek to wake me up. I love the jealous pacing as they see me pet an outside cat while they are looking thru the window. I love the huge scramble of paws on tile when I shake the food bag at breakfast. I love the way my diabetic kitty gives me such a tolerant look when I say time for your shot. Then she walks over and sits nicely while I give it. I love sitting on the couch to read, then being swarmed by furbabies who are gonna cuddle and help me with those pesky pages.  They all have my heart.

**I love my cat Marvel because she welcomes me when I come home, she lets me give her kisses, she sleeps by or on me sometimes, she lets me pet her, and she brings calmness, joy, happiness. She saved us!

**I love my Bella Donna for way more than six reasons, but here are six:
1. She's a living manifestation of joy -- she purrs all the time and makes me laugh at least once a day.
2. She's a great traveler and made a move across the country with me.
3. She was very patient about her blood tests and insulin shots before she went into remission.
4. She snuggles with me in bed at night.
5. She loves to chit-chat with me.
6. She's so beautiful and shiny, and she glows when she's in the bright sunlight.

**I moved out of the country for college and had to leave my fur-babies with my mom until I return. It's not easy to do, so I've had a lot of time to reflect on what I miss most and love about them. I love my diabetic kitty for opening my eyes and heart to a world of cats I didn't know existed. I love furry alarm clocks that pat my face to let me know it's time for food. I love having to take breaks from homework because my cat is sitting on my book and/or paper. I love never having a hair free shirt because I usually have Boo sitting on my shoulder when home. I love eating my cereal standing up because I'm swarmed by cats wanting the milk. I love when my kitty pushes his face through the broken blinds when I pull up outside the house each night.

**Because they love me without judgement. They are the best testers in the world for my kitty mats. They have shown me that fleece is definitely the fabric of choice for a kitty. If I don't feel good, they know they can make me feel better by warming my lap with their body heat and warming my heart with their purrs. They remind me that that you should live life in the now - Vinny had to have his leg amputated due to cancer and he doesn't care. He shows me every day that Life is still good, and who cares if he is a tripod. They show me who has negative energy and who has healing positive energy. The people they love are the latter. They show me that naps and sun puddles are the Bomb! and that it is OK to take the time to just enjoy things like that.

**I love my extra-sweet kitty because: 1. He decided to come to my front door, knowing I wouldn't turn him away. 2. For being the MOST affectionate cat I've ever had. 3. For enduring the numerous tests, exams, needle pricks and more without ONCE scratching or biting ANYONE! 4. For nuzzling up to me when I"m crying as no one knows what is wrong with him, as well as being diabetic. 5. For having a coat of silk that is wonderful just to touch. 6. For making me realize that he came to me for a reason and just wish I could fix all his problems.

**Reasons why I love my extra-sweet kitty: 1) Jasper--who had been our next-door-neighbor for eight years--is a cuddle bunny. 2) I know that he wouldn't be alive if we hadn't taken him in because the neighbor left him outside with dry food and expected him to go away to die. So, I feel good seeing him shiny coated and happy. 3) He's been so good about using the litter box.

**Sweet Simba, my Florida Orange from Jacksonville, FL via DCIN is a truly handsome boy. He is assertive & sticks up for himself without being aggressive. He loves running water! He gets along with his 13 sister & brother cats of the Hedgenettle Gang. After 10 weeks, he is gradually learning how to cuddle. He is happy in Maine, which is a little cooler than Florida! He takes his insulin like a champ & does well with blood testing. He has a good appetite & loves the chicken his Fur-Daddy makes for him.

Now that you've read how amazing these extra-sweet kitties are, maybe you want one for yourself!  Or if you already have one (or more), maybe you'd like to add another to your clowder!  Regardless, the DCIN Team wishes everyone a very happy 2016! 

Friday, October 16, 2015

2016 Extra-Sweet Kitties Calendar Ordering Now Open!

For the last two weeks, DCIN has been holding its annual Extra-Sweet Kitties Calendar Contest.  We still have plenty of room for kitties in the calendar, so please consider entering.

We are now accepting orders for the 2016 8.5" by 11" twelve-month wall calendar. The prices listed below include mailing costs. To order, please PayPal the appropriate amount for the number of calendars you wish to order and the location where they will be sent to calendar@dcin.info by choosing the "pay or send money" option, then selecting "send money to friends or family." If you fund your payment with a credit card, please also pay the credit card fee on the final PayPal screen. (If you don't, DCIN will have to make that payment.) In the Email to recipient: message section, please include your full mailing address or that of the recipient.

If you do not use PayPal, please email calendar@dcin.info with your intent to pay by check and include the number of calendars you're ordering and your/recipient's mailing address. Then send your full payment to

Diabetic Cats in Need
P.O. Box 21
Minot, ME  04258-0021

Pricing (includes postage):
  • US mailings --$25 per calendar
  • Canadian mailings -- $30 per calendar - please pay in US$!
  • Other international mailings -- $35 per calendar - please pay in US$!
The higher costs for Canada and other international locations are because of the higher mailing costs to those places.

DCIN is accepting orders the 2016 calendar through November 8, 2015. We want to get the calendars received, shipped, and delivered before the US Thanksgiving holiday on November 26, in case you are gifting calendars to friends/family. It may take longer for international locations.

Thank you all so much for supporting DCIN's 2016 Extra-Sweet Kitties Calendar!

If you have questions, please contact me at calendar@dcin.info.


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DCIN 2016 Extra-Sweet Kitties Calendar Contest

DCIN is pleased to announce its second annual Extra-Sweet Kitties Calendar Contest!  Head on over to our site on GoGo to enter.  If you didn't enter a kitty into last year's contest, you'll need to create an account to enter this year.  If you registered last year, your account should still work.

The contest runs from October 1st through October 30th at 11:59:59 PM EDT.  Each entry costs $5, and each vote is $1.  You can find the remaining rules on the contest site under "Rules".

And of course - there are prizes! The Top Cat gets his/her photo on the cover of the DCIN 2016 Calendar, a comfy and attractive handmade cat mat, and a free copy of the calendar.  The five Runners-Up get a prominent spot in the DCIN 2016 Calendar and a free copy of the calendar.

You can get an idea of what last year's calendar looked like here.  There was a hard-fought contest for the cover spot by Bear and Jack Abraham Resnick, which caused quite a bit of excitement!

We'll be giving out information on how to order your own copy of the calendar a little later on in October.

We're hoping this year's contest is just as fun as it was last year.  Happy voting!


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mismatched Socks Fundraiser - September 1 - 25, 2015

Many DCIN Friends LOVE socks - the crazier the better. What could be better than SolMate's Mismatched Socks to pad around in?

So we bring you our fourth annual mismatched socks fundraiser for DCIN. Through September 25, 2015, DCIN is taking orders for these socks. DCIN will bulk order the socks and mail them to you in the US by mid-October. (We'll have a later delivery date for Canada and other international locations, but we'll ship those as soon as possible.) All shipping will be done by 1st class US Postal Service if possible. (Do not order directly from SolMate; with shipping, it may cost you more - and DCIN won't get a portion of the sale.)

You can choose from adult crew socks, adult ankle socks, adult knee socks, kids socks (one pair and a spare), and infant socks (two pair and a spare). You also can check this brochure for the styles, patterns, and sizes available. The socks are made from 62% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 15% Nylon, 1% Lycra.  They are machine washable and dryable.

For $22 per pair/set, or $25 per pair for the adult knee socks, you will receive your socks with mailing to all US locations included. There is an additional $5 per order charge for Canadian mailing and an extra $10 per order charge for mailings to other international locations. (So sorry for those mailing charges, but that is at least the cost of international mailing.)

To order, please PayPal $22 per pair/set (or $25 per pair for adult knee socks) to socks@dcin.info by choosing the "pay or send money" option, then selecting "send money to friends or family". If you fund your payment with a credit card, please also pay the credit card fee on the final PayPal screen. (If you don't, DCIN will have to make that payment.) At the bottom of the final PayPal screen, in the Email to recipient: message section please indicate:

  • Number of sock pairs/sets being ordered
  • Style (adult, ankle, kids, or infant), pattern, and size of each pair/set (please indicate a backup pattern if your first choice of pattern is not available at the time of the order)
  • Your mailing address
If you don't use PayPal, you can mail a check along with the order information listed above to

Diabetic Cats in Need
P.O. Box 21
Minot, ME  04258-0021

If you care to take orders from your workmates/friends through your workplace or social networks, there is a bulk order form as the last page of the brochure. You will have to submit this payment with your order by September 25. If you have questions about this, please email socks@dcin.info.

Now the only question is...which patterns and how many pairs are you going to order?!  ~Amy