Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Kitties with Diabetes Store

There is only one diabetic cat remaining in DCIN foster care available for adoption. Click on Sunshine's linked name under her photo for the full scoop.

If you can't adopt, foster. If you can't foster, volunteer. If you can't volunteer, donate. If you can't donate, share. Every action helps and each one is important.

Sunshine in VA
In foster since January 2013


Why is our main page called The Kitties with Diabetes Store? This story is from a woman who was going to soon adopt one of the DCIN cats. My 3 y/o son just asked me "Can we get a kitty from the kitty diabetes store?" I said, "The kitty diabetes store?" and he said, "Where kitties with diabetes that don't have homes come from!!" (kind of in that exasperated "DUH, Mom!" tone.) I said, "Why do you want another kitty with diabetes?" and he said, "Because we can take extra-good care of them since we know how." Boy, won't he be surprised when our "new" diabetic kitty arrives from "the kitty diabetes store" (aka: DCIN) hopefully next week! I can even tell him that I ordered the kitty online and had to wait for shipping! ~Venita

Thursday, June 11, 2015

$1,200 Challenge Grant

June 11, 2015--

Are you up to helping with this challenge? 

An anonymous donor will match 50 cents on the dollar for any new or increased monthly sponsorships made to DCIN's general fund in June and July 2015. The donor will match up to $100 a month for a year.

That means that DCIN will need to obtain at least $2,400 in new or increased sponsorships by July 31, 2015, and those sponsorships need to stay in place for a full year, for DCIN to capture the full $1,200 challenge grant. 

If you would like to help to accept this challenge to benefit DCIN, please use the subscription box below to set up a new subscription by a Paypal payment. You can select from various levels of donation from $5 to $100. If you would like a donation amount other than what is shown in the drop-down menu, you want to increase a subscription that you already have, or want to make your donations by check, please contact or ~Venita

Amount of Monthly Sponsorship

Saturday, March 21, 2015

DCIN Logo Competition

This is DCIN's current blue cat logo. Sadly, for a couple reasons, DCIN needs to replace its logo. To replace the logo, DCIN is holding a logo competition. We invite all artists -- those who draw or paint, computer illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, and others with those skills and talents -- to participate in this competition. The DCIN Board of Directors hopes to select a new logo from among the entries it receives in this competition.

The logo we want is the logo we have, but we can't have that. Therefore, this is our list of requirements, possibly subject to revision and additions as we advance through this process:
  • An image that is simple, memorable, classic, and timeless (we hope the new logo will be DCIN's forever logo)
  • Muted rather than overly bold colors
  • Any color scheme is welcome (although I will say that one Board member opposes pink for a logo and another opposes yellow)
  • An image and colors that are evocative of DCIN's mission and core values, including cat rescue, compassion, trustworthiness, respect, transparency, and community involvement
  • Not cartoonish
  • Image only; no words or letters
  • Presented on a white or transparent background so that the image stands alone
  • If an image of a cat, it should be a mature cat, not a kitten
  • Something unique for DCIN and nothing often used by other rescues such as a paw print
  • Because DCIN works in both the US and Canada (and is willing to work in other countries), an image that is not US-centric or Canada-centric
  • An image that is square or a horizontal rectangle; not a vertical rectangle
  • Creation of the image in an Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format, which will allow DCIN to make the logo as big or small as it wants without loss of resolution
  • Submission of the image to DCIN for the competition selection in a JPG format
  • Assurance and a liability guarantee from the artist that his/her submission is original work, does not replicate and is not drawn from another artist's work, and does not infringe on another artist's intellectual property rights (see the submission form at
  • Donation by the winning artist creating the logo of the copyright on the image for DCIN's exclusive use, with no limitation on DCIN's use of or payment from DCIN for the image (see the submission form at the link above)
Artists are welcome to submit more than one image to the competition, but each submission requires a separate submission form (see the submission form at the link above). The deadline for submitting images for the competition is May 1, 2015. The DCIN Board is not restricted to selecting a new logo from the submissions received from this competition. If nothing strikes our fancy, we will post another competition. However, if we see one or more submissions that we like, we may ask the artists for adjustments to the artwork.

DCIN will initially and periodically thereafter publicly recognize the artist creating its chosen logo. It also will publicly recognize all artists who enter the competition with images that meet the criteria above. We hope that public recognition (along with a link to your website) will provide encouragement for you to create, submit, and if chosen donate your art to DCIN, a great special-needs animal rescue, helping several diabetic cats every day.  

Please direct any questions about the this competition and the nature of the image the DCIN Board is looking for to Please also make all submissions to that email address.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Why it is Satisfying to be the DCIN Fundraising Director

February 3, 2015--My name is Venita, and I am an introvert. My first big job-related public speaking assignment was in front of a conference hall of about 1,800 people in Minneapolis, MN. I sweated profusely and my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth. I drank a full pitcher of water during that hour-long presentation. After about ten minutes, the audience chuckled every time I picked up my water glass.

By the time I founded Diabetic Cats in Need (DCIN), I was accustomed to public speaking, but I didn't like it any more than I previously had. In founding DCIN, I dreaded the fundraising part. I would have to talk or write to individuals, companies, and the Internet public to ask for donations or discounts to support DCIN's work. I called it "scrapping my knees," because I felt I was begging.

It surprised me that I quickly grew to enjoy nonprofit fundraising. That is because of the end game--helping extra-sweet kitties get the care they need. I believed in the DCIN mission, and when I saw people and companies donate, my confidence and determination for the process blossomed. I came to jokingly refer to my year-end fundraisers to close out underfunded campaigns as beg-a-thons, even though I no longer felt I was begging. Instead, I knew the donors were as committed to DCIN's mission as I was.

With fundraising I could be creative, something I didn't get from case management responsibilities. How was I going to "sell" a particular fundraiser? People would come to me with an offer of money for a fundraiser if I could raise a matching amount of funds. Last Easter, I raised votes/donations to "paint" Jack Abraham Resnick one of the traditional Easter colors. After a very successful fundraiser, I got joy by sending Jack a fluffy purple rabbit toy, to match the color most voters wanted him painted. (Jack was not injured by that fundraiser, and he loves his rabbit.)

DCIN has ongoing large-dollar fundraisers for mismatched sox, a calendar competition, and an annual online auction. Those quality products virtually sell themselves, but there are a lot of administrative chores. Volunteers step up to help and many hands make small work. DCIN's new Social Media Director is now helping with some of the visual side of promoting fundraisers on Facebook and elsewhere.

Besides cash fundraising, I have had to talk with the staff or owners at veterinary hospitals for rescue discounts when a client cat has a medical need. Many hospitals will offer 10-40% discounts immediately if I ask and document that DCIN is a 501c3 organization. Other hospitals need a bit of education about DCIN and what it does, and I am thrilled to "sell" them on our mission. DCIN often will get "repeat business" from those hospitals when they encounter another diabetic cat with a caregiver who cannot afford treatment. Sure, some hospitals will immediately answer "no," but I thank them kindly and move on. Again, the endgame is getting care for the cats. Being able to negotiate a 20% discount for a cat with a $2K bill saves the client or DCIN $400. Not at all shabby. On even larger bills, a discount may mean a cat gets life-saving care it wouldn't otherwise get.

Going forward, I hope DCIN will build a greater base of business/corporate donations. I have plenty of ideas about that I have written down over the years that I would love to share with a new fundraising director. DCIN friends email ideas all the time. Corporate fundraising will require coordination with the new DCIN Treasurer because most businesses with established giving programs want to see budget, historical financial, or performance data.

Please think about being DCIN's new fundraising (development) director. The position and process can bring joy to your life. The application for the position is at

Thursday, January 22, 2015

You Could Be a Part of Something Awesome: Join the DCIN Team

Diabetic Cats in Need has saved the lives of more than 600 extra-sweet cats since 2008, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of dedicated volunteers. Bu we want to be able to help even more diabetic cats stay in their homes or find safe forever homes of their own – and to do that, we need people like you.
Charleston, Bogart and Yoda are just three of the more than 600 cats DCIN has saved.
Our greatest need right now is for case managers, a director of case management, and a development/fundraising director.

Case Managers are the heartbeat of DCIN. As a case manager, you would be responsible for accepting new cats into the program and managing current client cases; managing financial assistance and education needs for your clients; monitoring client compliance with DCIN’s care guidelines; and arranging for delivery of supplies as needed. In order to be a case manager, you need to have a good understanding of the diagnosis, treatment and management of feline diabetes.

The Director of Case Management oversees all of the case managers and is the primary point of contact if a DCIN cat has a veterinary emergency related to diabetes. The director of case management trains new case managers and works with the Board of Directors to put together new policies and procedures related to financial assistance, rehoming and education. You’d also serve as a case manager if needed. This position also requires a high degree of knowledge about feline diabetes.

My baby Bella Donna was saved because of DCIN's Shelter Program: I met her at HART of Maine and it was love at first sight!
The Development/Fundraising Director is responsible for everything related to helping us get the money we need to run DCIN. This could include writing grants, seeking corporate sponsorships, coordinating fundraisers, and soliciting private donations. We’re always up for creative and fun ways to raise money, too, so if you’ve got some great ideas and the willingness to carry them out, we’d love to hear them. You don’t need to know a lot about feline diabetes to be the development director, but you do need to have a passion for our mission and be able to help potential donors understand how important our organization is.

If none of these volunteer jobs is your cup of tea, don’t worry: we could use transportation coordinators, shelter coordinators, accounting assistants and people to help out with special projects. Check out this post on our Facebook page for more details or to apply for one of our volunteer positions.

If you’ve got time and skills to lend to DCIN, we’d love to have you!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What Insulin Costs the Least?

Quick. Which costs less? A 10ml vial of U40 ProZinc for $120 (current pricing with shipping from Allivet) or a 10ml vial of U100 Lantus for $270 (current pricing from my local US Walgreen’s Pharmacy, before any discount program or card)?

Yes, you are right that Lantus is the right answer. That is because looking only at the price per vial can be misleading because the same sizes of U40 and U100 insulin contain different volumes of insulin. A 10ml vial of U40 insulin contains 400 units. A 10ml vial of U100 insulin contains 1,000 units.

The U40 ProZinc for $120 costs $.30 a unit. The U100 Lantus costs $.27 a unit. And in my experience and observation, an insulin-dependent cat doesn’t use significantly more units of one type of insulin vs. another, so pricing based on the unit cost is a reasonable measure.

But there are ways to get Lantus much less expensively than full price at a retail pharmacy. See my earlier blog post at I have bought Lantus insulin in Solostar pens from Craigslist sellers twice in the past two weeks for $.033 a unit. $50 for a box of five pens, plus I had to have a local friend pick them up for me and I will have to have them mailed in the spring, which might cost another $20. That will bring the cost to $.046 a unit.

That’s even more below the $.30 a unit for ProZinc.

Yes, it can be scary to buy from a Craigslist seller. DCIN has document of dos and don’ts about dealing with a Craigslist seller at There have been times I have walked away from a Craigslist seller because it didn’t feel right. But many more times, I have (both in person and through friends) felt very comfortable with the person offering the insulin as s/he just lost her/his diabetic parent, sibling, or spouse. And sometimes these sellers turn out to be animal lovers and sell the insulin for less or even give it for free. I have even hugged Craislist sellers after we have exchanged cash for insulin.

If you still are uncomfortable with the thought of buying from Craigslist, you can buy from a reputable Canadian mail order pharmacy. At this time, many of them are selling a box of five Lantus pens delivered from the manufacturer’s plant in Turkey for $.09 a unit.

I can’t argue with the fact that the cheapest retail insulin is Relion N from Walmart at $25 for a U100 10ml vial. That’s $.025 a unit. But I can certainly take the position that many in the feline diabetes community will tell you that “N” is the worst possible insulin for a diabetic cat because of its short duration and its sharp drop in blood glucose levels. Caregivers that use “N” insulin usually have to give their cats shots three times a day, and then watch their baby take continuous roller coaster rides through their curves.

What I have said above for Lantus applies equally to Levemir. The US retail, Canadian mail-order, and Craigslist pricing for Lantus and Levemir are pretty much the same. I don’t focus on Levemir because many vets don’t know about it and therefore do not prescribe it. However, my Ennis did wonderfully on Levemir for over four years, and I know many diabetic cats that do the same.

But the biggest point to make on this post is that each cat is different and you need to find the insulin that works for your cat. But please don’t disregard Lantus or Levemir, which have a great track record when properly used of getting cats into regulation or remission, because you think it’s too expensive.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cats Helped 2014 and Earlier

(More cats helped are listed in the Courtesy Posts


Autumn (DCIN adoptee at home with her family)
Barry (at home with his Mom)
Ben (at home with his Mom in CA)
Bou (at home with his Mom in NYC)
Buddy (at home with his Mom--needs rehoming by 11/1/14)
Cali (at home with her Mom)
Caspian (for adoption at the Shenandoah Valley VA Animal Services Center)
Charlie (at home with his Mom and his Baby Levi)
Charlie (at home with Mom Claudia)
Charlie Brown (at home with his Mom)
Chessie (at home in IL)
Chloe (at home with her Mom)
Chip (at home with his Dad in KS)
Cobra (at home with his Mom)
Cookie (in foster care in NC; fly free, dear girl February 2014)
Cuddles (at home with his Dad)
Dakota (at home in OK)
Dale's Cats (while Dale was recovering from a heart attack)
Den (at home with his Dad in PA)
Dominique (DCIN adoptee in coastal VA; fly free dear Dom)
Elsa (at home with her Mom in NH)
Emma (at home with her Mom in AZ)
Fancy Cats Rescue Team--various diabetic cats in foster care
Felix (at home with his family)
Garfield (at home with his Mom in KS; fly free, sweetie, July 15, 2014) 
Georgie (at home with his Mom)
Henry (at home with his Mom in VA)
Hombre (at home in NJ)
Humane Society of the Ohio Valley
Jesse (at home with her Mom in DE) 
Jibbit (in DCIN foster care in Eastern VA; fly free, dear boy, July 12, 2014)
John (at home with his Mom)
Kinu (at home with his family)
Kitty Boo (at home with his Mom)
KT (at home in OK)
Larry (at home with his Mom)
London (at home with her Mom; fly free, baby girl, June 25, 2014)
Lucy (surrendered to a MA shelter)
Lucy (at home in NE)
Marley (at home with her Mom)
Maxi (at home in PA)
Meesha (at home in WA)
Mia (at home in MI)
Mikey (at home with his Mom)
Mischief (at home with his Dad; fly free dear Mischief, May 28, 2014)
Morris (coordinated transport to HART of ME)
Mr. Cuddles (adopted May 2014 to a new home in Oregon)
Nanner (at home with his Mom in NY)
Newman (at home with his Mom in MA)
Ozzie (at home with his Mom in MA)
Paisley (at home with her Mom)
Pickles (in foster care with Montgomery County MD SPCA)
River (at home with Mom in WA) 
Rosie (at home with Mom in MD)
Sarjenka (FKA Sandy) (previous DCIN foster adopted in June 2014 and now living with her forever Mom and her feline brother Bear, a 2013 DCIN adoptee)
Sadie (at home with her family)
Scritty (at home in WA)
Sebastian (at home with his Mom)
Simba (at home in PA)
Skippy (at home in TX)
Spartacus (in foster care for a NC shelter)
Spivey (in DCIN permanent foster care in VA)
Stewey (at home in CA)
Sunshine (available for adoption; in DCIN foster care in Eastern VA)
Tigger (at home with his Dad in WI)
Toby (adopted by his DCIN foster Mom in TX)
Toby (at home with his Mom in IA)
Toby (with his foster Mom in FL)
Tucker (in DCIN rehab in VA)
Vinny (DCIN foster adopted by his foster Mom in ChicagoLand)
Weasley (at home with his family in WA) (assistance included some payment for a DKA)
Zipper (at home with his Mom in RI)

Other Help

Sometimes, DCIN helps members of the feline diabetic groups with necessary care for their non-diabetic pets. We also may help the members themselves. These are rare situations, but usually involve low income/resources and life-threatening situations.

Mary Smith's non-diabetic cats and dogs.


Alexa (available for adoption in NYC area)
Angel (at home with his family)
Angie (available for adoption; in rescue-based foster care in PA)
Autumn (at home with her adoptive Mom)
Big Head Todd (forever loved by his foster family; GA 3/26/13)
Bobbie (at home with her Mom)
Boca and Cricket (adopted 4/8/13)
Buddy (in private foster care in MD)
Buddy (at home with his Mom in PA)
Caesar (adopted July 2013)
Casey (at home with his Mom and cared for by Neighbor)
Charlie (at home with his Mom and his Baby Levi)
Charlie (adopted from NY Shelter April 2013)
Charlie Brown (at home with his Mom)
Chloe (forever loved; GA 10/14/13)
Chubby (adopted September 2013)
Coco (at home with his Mom)
Cuddles (at home with his Dad)
Dakota (adopted from Fancy Cats Rescue Team May 2013)
Den (at home with his Dad in PA)
Dillon (at home with his folks)
Dominique (DCIN foster in coastal VA)
Duriel (in foster care in Ontario)
Dutchess (in foster care in Ontario)
Elmo (at home with his Mom)
Emma (at home with her Mom)
Espresso (at home with his Grandmom)
Fancy Cats Rescue Team--various diabetic cats in foster care
Ferdinand (at home with his folks)
Fiona (adopted in FL)
Garfield (at home with his Mom)
Garland (at home with her Mom)
Gracie (non-diabetic assisted to rescue)
Handsome Boy Howard (in foster care in SF, CA)
Harlem (at home with his Mom)
Harry (at home with his Mom)
Hobie (at home with his Mom and her son)
Jack (found his furever home in PA)
Jake, an AcroCat (said to be euthanized June 2013; fly free, dear boy)
Jeff (in permanent foster care with FFoM)
Jerry (at home with his Mom)
Jesse (at home with her Mom)
Jibbit (available for adoption; in foster care in Eastern VA)
Josaphine (adopted by her DCIN foster Mom, June 2013)
Jules (at home with his Mom)
Julius (FKA Cyclops and Lincoln) (Adopted April 2013)
Katmandu (DCIN fostered; adopted January 2013)
Kiya (at home with his Mom)
Kolbie (at home with his Mom)
KT (at home with his Mom)
Lucien (at home with his Mom)
Lucy (at home with her Mom)
Mai Thai (adopted 3/3/13)
Marley (at home with her Mom)
Maxi and Simba (at home in PA)
MC (fly free adorable girl; GA September 13, 2013)
Milo (at home with his Mom)
Milton (at home with Grandma)
Mini Me (adopted)
Mischief (at home with his family)
Mischief (at home with his Dad)
Miss Kitty (at home with her Mom)
Missy (adopted May 2013)
Missy (in foster care in OK)
Moonie (fly free, dear girl; GA 2/15/13)
Mr. Scraps (fly free, dear baby; GA 1/17/13)
Newman (rescued by his owner's SIL in MA)
Odie (at home with his Mom)
Oreo (given away by his Mom)
Oreo (DCIN fostered; adopted January 2013)
Oscar (at home with his Mom)
Penelope (adopted October 2013)
Pete (FKA Biggie; AKA Sweet Pete; adopted by his DCIN foster Mom, June 2013)
Phala (at home with his Mom)
Rascal (at home with his Mom)
River Man (fly free, dear boy; GA 7/31/13)
Rolo, a dog (at home with his folks)
Rosie (at home with her Mom)
Ruben (at home with his Mom)
Sandy (DCIN foster in VA)
Sassy (at home with her Mom in FL; helped with I131 treatment discount)
Sassy (at home with her Mom in CA)
Scooter (being adopted September 2013)
Sebastian (being adopted 12/2013)
Sidney (beloved by many; GA 4/3/13)
Shiraz (FKA Simon, adopted 3/31/13)
Signe (DKA kitty at home with her Mom)
Smokey (assisted and rehomed in MD)
Spivey (DCIN permanent foster in VA)
Spock and Jesse (at home with Mom)
Stella (at home with her Mom)
Sunshine (available for adoption; in foster care in Eastern VA)
Sydney (adopted 10/2013)
Symba (fly free, dear boy; GA 6/4/13)
T (at home with his mom)
Tabby (adopted in May 2013 in GA)
Tidus fly free dear boy, GA 7/12/13)
Tigger (at home with his Dad)
Tinker (staying at home)
Toby (at home with his Mom)
Toby (DCIN foster in Dallas)
Trinity (at home with her Dad)
Tucker (in DCIN rehab)
Twinkie (at home with his Mom)
Vinny (DCIN foster in ChicagoLand)
Yoda (at home with Trish)
Zoozey (at home with his Mom) 

And, Sadly, Diabetic Cats We Couldn't Help

Bently (fly free, dear boy; GA June 2013)
Balmor (killed by BARCS, 4/30/13; fly free, baby girl)
Paw (destroyed by his family, 12/27/13) (The woman who destroyed Paw removed the post from our Facebook page)

Other Help

Sometimes, DCIN helps members of the feline diabetic groups with necessary care for their non-diabetic pets. We also may help the members themselves. These are rare situations, but usually involve low income/resources and life-threatening situations.

Jessi (Desi's pup; run free, dear girl, GA 5/28/13)
Mary Smith
Simba (a kitten needing an enucleation) 



Alberto (Fly free, dear boy; GA June 26, 2012)
Alex Olivia and Donovan (Adopted!!)
Angel (at home in Central KS)
Annie (at home with Beth)
Antonio (Adopted!!)
Archimedes (at home in Western PA)
Atlas (at home with Beth)
Axle (at home with his Dad)
Azrael (Fly free, dear boy; GA April 10, 2012)
Baby (Godspeed and Angelwings, May 7, 2012)
Bageera (Fly free, dear boy; GA November 17, 2012)
Bagheera (adopted June 3, 2012 by Laura; now playing at the Bridge, GA July 31, 2012)
Baloo (adopted May 1)
Bandit (for adoption in New England)
Barry (at home with Lylene)
Bear (in DCIN foster in Northern VA)
Beasley and Twinkie (adopted on Mother's Day 2012 by their foster Mom of 2.5 years, Dian)
Benny (at home with his Mom Leeanne)
Billie (Fly free, dear girl; GA April 13, 2012)
Billy (in rescue in DC, needs a new home)
Boca and Cricket (a bonded pair, one diabetic, moved 3/31/12 to DCIN foster with Marty near Atlanta)
Boo (at home with her Dad)
Boy (at home with Lori)
Bubba (at home with Mom Patti)
Bud (at home in MD)
Buddy (at home in GA)
Buddy (at home in New Orleans)
Buddy (at home with Mike in FL)
Buddy (at home in PA)
Buddy (a stray in MD)
Casey (in Spay-It-Forward foster care)
Camigwen (Adopted!!)
Cardinal (DCIN fostered by Claudia, and then adopted 4/4/2012)
Caspar (adopted from a GA shelter)
Charbonneau  (adopted in September 2012)
Charlie (being adopted in September 2012)
Charlie (fly free, dear boy; GA February 7, 2012)
Charlie (at home with Anne)
Chewy (adopted April 2012)
Chip (at home with Dale)
Chloe (in DCIN foster care in NC)
Chunky (AKA Lovey Snuggle Muffin, adopted June 2012)
Clumper (adopted from vet's office in Ontario, Canada)
Coco (at home with Mom in PA)
Connor (in DCIN foster care; moving soon to furever home in Maryland)
Cricket (adopted by her DCIN foster Mom April 2012) 
Cuddles (adoption pending)
Dante (being adopted in September 2012)
Den (at home with George)
Dillon (adopted by Jennifer H, June 10, 2012)
Dominique (in DCIN foster care in Coastal VA)
Emma (at home with Joanna)
Frances (adopted in June 2012)
Frankie (being adopted by Alyssa in January 2012)
Fudgie (Fly free, sweet boy, GA October 2012)
Gayle's four kitties, Oliver, Shadoe, Booboo. and Apple
George (Fly free, dear girl; GA August 3, 2012)
Gracie (Ohio)
Gramps (in private foster in CT)
Gus (adopted 8/8/12)
Jacob (Godspeed and Angelwings, October 21, 2012)
Jaspar (adopted June 23, 2012)
Jeddie (Godspeed and Angelwings, July 3, 2012)
Jesse (at home in DE)
Jimmy (at home with Angie)
Joe (Fly free, sweet boy, October 2012)
Jules (at home in RI)
Kale (fly free, baby; GA March 21, 2012)
Katmandu (in DC foster in Ontario, Canada)
Kelly (posted on MassCats and pulled from vet to foster and then to adoptive home in March 2012)
Kip (fly free, sweet prince; GA November 19, 2012)
Klinger (at home with Marcy and Craig)
Louie (adopted November 2012)
Louie (at home with Tracy)
Louie (at home with Sara)
Lulu (being adopted by Mel 4/18/12)
Malachi (in MI and needing a home SOON)
Mary and Rhoda (in DCIN foster in Northern CA)
Mascara (in rescue with Castaway Cats in DE)
Maximilian (at home with Donna. Sadly, Maximilian died from lymphoma on 6/7/12.)
MC--Mamma Cat (being adopted in October 2012)
Mischief (at home in NC)
Miss Kitty (adopted 6/23/12)
Moe (in foster with OLM Catnip Cottage in Summerville, SC)
Mooch/Murrlin (adopted by Vicky 5/24/12)
Mortimer (at home with Elizabeth)
Motska (fly free, dear girl; GA 7/14/12)
Mouser (in foster care in MD)
Muffin (at home in TX)
Musette (fly free baby; GA 5/31/12)
Nala (adopted 2/2/12)
Nina (adopted from vet's office in January 2012)
Norman (in DCIN foster in Northern VA)
Odie (at home with Kirsten)
Oliver and his furbuddies (transported to foster homes)
Orinch Boyz, Beasley and Twinkey (in DCIN foster care near Pittsburgh)
Oscar (being adopted by his foster Mom in VA)
Paisley (at home with Lylene)
Pappa Kitty (at home with Liz)
Peanut Butter (adopted in November 2012)
Piper (adopted by DCIN foster Mom)
Pippin and Piglet (adopted from a shelter 3/17/12)
Poppy (at home near Chicago)
PorkChop (at home with Karen)
Puma (fly free dear boy. GA March 22, 2012)
Pumpkin (at home with Kerri)
Pumpkin (adopted from ND shelter)
Raven (adopted 1/30/12 by Beck in the Pacific Northwest)
Reagan (you were so loved, dear little man. GA February 21, 2012)
Richard (adopted in 1/2012 by Rilla)
Rudy (in rescue foster care in PA)
Ruthie (fly free, little girl; GA August 7, 2012. Your forever Mom will miss you.)
Sam (fly free, sweet boy; GA February 10, 2012. You had such a hard life, but purred anyway.)
Sandy (moved to DCIN foster care 2/12/12)
Sasha (at home with Mom Tara)
Scraps (at home with new Mom)
Scratch (in KY, looking for a new home)
Sebastian (at home with Mom Stephanie)
Sequoia (at home with his Mom)
Seymore (at home with his Mom, Darcy)
Skeeter (FAKA Kitty) (FLY free, gorgeous girl; GA April 27, 2012)
Slater (FKA DAKM, stolen by his DCIN foster Mom September 2012)
Smudge (Fly free, dear girl; GA April, 2012)
Soldier (being sent from OH shelter to Fancy Cats Rescue Team)
Snow (Adopted!!)
Spivey (in DCIN foster care in Coastal VA)
Stormy (in DCIN foster care in Virginia awaiting the move to his adoptive home in IL)
Stumpy (adopted from a shelter in Austin TX; helping with supplies)
Sunshine (adopted Father's Day 2012 by Pati and family)
Sweet Pete (in DCIN foster care)
Symba (at home with Philip; helping with supplies)
Thomasina (adopted 5/25/12 by foster Mom Amy)
Tigger (at home with Brent)
Tigger (in foster care with Fancy Cats Rescue Team)
Tiggy (at home with Tyrone)
Tinker (at home in AL, but needs a new home)
Toby (in DCIN foster care in TX)
TomTom and Wally (in rescue in SC)
Tommy (adopted 2/11/12)
Ubu (at home with Megan)
Vader (at home with Paula and Steve)
Various diabetic cats with HART of ME
Vinny (in DCIN foster care in Chicagoland)
Walter (staying with his Mom)
Wilbur (adopted in August 2012)
Wonton (at home with Carolyn)
Yoda (at home with TJ)
Yuri (at home with Mom in NJ)
Zoe (at home in WI)

And, Sadly, Diabetic Cats We Couldn't Help

Buddy (euthanized in a shelter in Riverside, CA, because of ill health)
Dumbledore (had a blood clot and was humanely euthanized)
Hannah (before DCIN could help, she was euthanized, with her rescuer present, because of cancer.)
Joe in Montana (passed after an insulin overdose in the shelter)
Malachi (euthanized by his family because of ill health)
Punky (previously on financial assistance; PTS because of FeLV 4/10/12)
Simba (euthanized by her family because treatment was ineffective)
Tigger (euthanized for health reasons, June 20, 2012)

Other Help

Sometimes, DCIN helps members of the feline diabetic groups with necessary care for their non-diabetic cats. We also may help the members themselves. These are rare situations, but usually involve low income/resources and life-threatening situations.

Patricia and Robert
Mary Smith


Angel (adopted 6/17/11 by Michelle and Brian)
Angel (at home with Missi)
April (at home with Mike)
Barry (at home with Lylene)
Beasley (in DCIN foster with dian in Pittsburgh)
Bella (at home with Cheryl Lynn)
Benny (adopted in Philly area 6/2011)
Bertha (at a CT shelter)
Bianca (moved back in with "Dad")
Big Boy (adopted 1/1/11 by Dale)
Big Pete (formerly Biggie, adopted 5/30/11 by Kirsten; he now needs a new home)
Blackie (at home with Angela)
Boo (at home with Brian in IN)
Bouncer (Godspeed and Angel Wings, dear boy; GA 4/8/11)
Bubba (go in peace baby; GA date unknown)
Buddy (at home with Bel)
Buddy (at home with Mike)
Cajun adopted by Don
Casey (at home with Roberta)
Chance (adopted by his Ontario foster home)
Charlie (previously known as Anonymous Cat #3, at home with Karin)
Chloe (fostered at OLM Catnip Cottage. Godspeed and Angel Wings, sweet girl; 10/6/11)
Choco (at home with his Mom)
Clancy (in boarding with vet)
Connor (in DCIN foster care; moving soon to furever home in Maryland)
Costello (at home with Wally)
Currier (adopted 1/29/11 by Don)
Dante (placed with a rescue organization)
Ebony (adopted 4/22/11 by Jennifer)
Elliot adopted by Don
Elliott (adopted in 4/2011 by his foster Mom)
Elmo (at home with Kay)
Fluffy (at home with Debbie)
Frankie (at home with foster Mom)
Gus (at home with Don)
Hadley (being adopted 10/2011 by Laura)
Humphry (at home with sick Mom and her caregivers)
Jasper (at home in TX)
Jacob (in foster in Summerville, SC, with Maureen--OLM Catnip Cottage)
Jimmy (at home with Angie)
Josie (at home in Canada with Angela)
Kiki (at home with Jennifer)
Kitty Junior (adopted from vet in Charlottesville, VA)
KT (at home with Lyresa)
Louie (at him with his Dad's sister)
Luna (in DCIN foster care in MA)
Lydia (in foster with Pam in TX)
Magoo (at home with Janie)
Mandy (in her new home in Maine)
Marcus (at home with Kathryn)
Marius  (adopted by a friend)
Mask (Fly free, sweet girl; GA 7/24/11)
Mer (Angelwings, sweet girl; GA 10/8/11)
Mimi (at home in Brewster MA)
Mortimer (at home with Elizabeth)
Motska (at home with Kris)
Mr. Persian (in shelter in Rochester NY)
Murphy (at home with Lisa)
Murray (adopted by Christine 12/22/11 from CT municipal shelter)
Musette (being adopted 6/25/11 by Mel)
Nanner (in shelter foster near Kansas City, MO)
Nikki (at home with Deb)
Oliver (adopted 4/4/11 by a local person)
Oreo (for adoption in NJ)
Oscar (in rescue in RI)
Ozzie (Godspeed and Angel Wings, dear boy; GA 4/29/11)
Patrick (at home with Tanya)
Peake (owner adopted out in 2011)
Phoebe (at home with Dixie)
Picachu (at home in Brooklyn NY)
Ragner (at home with Shirley)
Ralph (in a foster-to-adopt home from a shelter in OH)
Reagan (at home with Gail)
Rocket (at home with Claudia)
Ruthie (at home with Marty)
Samantha (adopted by former Mom's friend)
Sambo (in foster in Toronto area, Ontario, Canada)
Sammy (pulled in 9/2010 from the shelter by a rescue)
Sammy (adopted 9/11/11 by a DCIN friend)
Scooter (at home with Rylee)
Spuds/Sweet Potato (formerly Sammy, adopted 5/29/11 by Jennifer)
Scrappy (at home with Amy in CT)
Scratch (a military kitty at home with his Sgt. Dad)
Sebastian Purrbox (in foster care with Stefani since 6/13/10)
Simon (adopted 2/20/11 by Claudia)
Smudge (at home with Mom)
Snuggles (went to a local rescue in TN)
Spivey (moving to DCIN foster care 12/22/11)
Spunky (in foster care RI)
Splitzie (at home with Kathy)
Star (at home with Becca)
Stella (at home with Mary)
Storm (at home with Marty)
Sweet Kitty (will go to his adoptive home soon)
Sweet Potato/Spuds (adopted 5/29/11 by Jennifer)
Tawny (adopted 1/17/10 by failed foster Mom DD)
Three Diabetics at SPA Ohio
Tiger (living with Chris and his mother)
Tiger (in foster care in SC)
Tiko (adopted 6/2011 by Carolynn)
Tom (at home with Lori)
Tommy (adopted locally 2/16/11)
Tommy (looking for a home in MA)
Tre (available for adoption through PACT Humane Society in Downer's Grove, IL)
Twinkie (in DCIN foster with dian in Pittsburgh)
Ubu (at home with Megan)
Whiskers (Godspeed and Angel Wings, dear girl; GA 3/6/11)
Zoso (Adopted by foster mom)

And, Sadly, Diabetic Cats We Couldn't Help

Bobbins (You are now back with your true Mom; GA 7/21/11)
Dumbledore (hugs and wings sweet kitty; GA 11/26/11)
Molly (Fly free, sweet girl; GA 4/29/11)
Rainy (Land softly, Angel; GA 4/27/11)
Simba (Good night, Sweet Prince; GA 11/11)
Skipper (Go in peace, baby; GA 6/9/11)
Sorbet (Godspeed and Angel Wings, dear girl; GA 1/13/11)
Tey-Tey (May you feel our love always; GA 8/25/11)

Non-Diabetic Cats Helped

Jennifer's Monkey/Hal
Bobbi's two cats
Steve's Rorschach
Jeanne's Tux


2010 and earlier

Diabetic Cats Helped 

Ahi (Godspeed and Angel Wings, dear boy; GA 3/3/10)
Anonymous Cat 1
Anonymous Cat 2
Anonymous Cat 3
Atlas (adopted by Blue, his foster Mom through the Berea OH Animal Rescue Fund)
Bean (fostered/adopted 5/22/10 by Jennifer)
Beasley (in DCIN foster with dian in Pittsburgh)
Belle (adopted 2/17/10 by Marie)
Big Boy (being adopted 1/1/11 by Dale)
Bill (adopted 9/2010 by Shelley)
Binks (at home with Celi)
Blackie (at home with Angela)
Bones (Godspeed and Angel Wings, dear boy; GA 9/10)
Boris in Seattle (adopted 1/10/10 by Patti)
Brady (adopted 6/19/10 by Marvie)
Buddy (at home with Suzaune in New Orleans; may be listed for adoption)
Bumperic (formerly Raisin) (adopted 12/5/09 by Heather; escaped from carrier 7/13/10 and is still missing.)
Camille (adopted 11/13/10 by Don)
Casey (Godspeed and Angel Wings, dear boy; GA 5/14/10)
Chester (adopted 12/18/09 by Jana)
Clarabelle (adopted 9/9/09 by Dale)
Coco (in foster care)
Duke (at home with Debrey)
Eeyore (adopted 3/13/10 by Michele)
Fenix Maxwell, formerly Max (fostered/adopted 10/15/10 by Mel)
Gordon and Derby (adopted 4/25/09 by Hope)
Gus (adopted 7/23/10 by Don)
Henry (at home with Angela)
Isabell (adopted 10/28/10 by a kind-hearted woman local to Isabell's NJ shelter)
Itty (Godspeed and Angel Wings, dear girl; GA 8/6/10)
Jack in Atlanta (adopted 1/10 by someone off the FDMB/DCC)
Jacob (in foster in Summerville, SC, with Maureen--OLM Catnip Cottage)
Joey (Godspeed and Angelwings, dear boy, 12/2/2009.)
Joey (moving 12/2010 to Singapore with his MamaBean's family)
Juniper (adopted 12/8/09 by Marialyce; later rehomed)
Kelly (Adopted 3/22/10 by Dale)
Kiki (Adopted 12/11/10 by Jennifer)
Kitty (Godspeed and Angel Wings, dear girl; GA 11/24/10)
Latte (Godspeed and Angel Wings, dear girl; GA 7/17/10)
Majik and Bella (found a year-long foster so their Mom could deploy)
Max (at home with Mindy)
Mr. Darcy (formerly Frisky) (adopted 12/13/09 by Jennifer; Godspeed and Angel Wings, dearest Mr., GA 11/1/10)
Mr. Miyagi (Godspeed and Angel Wings, dear boy; GA 12/11/10)
Murray (adopted 4/25/10 by Angela)
Misty Blue (Huey) (adopted 7/16/10 by an anonymous Mom)
Oliver (adopted 3/20/10 by Gayle)
Pauline (adopted 10/14/10 by Patricia)
Peaches (adopted through another rescue in CT)
Porch 2 (adopted 10/13/10 by Shelley)
Pumpkin (at home in NY with Joy.T)
Reagan (adopted 10/23/10 by Gail)
Rocky (adopted 2010 by his vet)
Rusti in Idaho (Fly free dear girl, May 10, 2010)
Rusty (adopted 11/28/10 by Ella)
Ruthie (fostered 4/13/10 and then adopted by Marty)
Sasha (at home with Sheryl)
Sebastian Purrbox (in foster care with Stefani since 6/13/10)
Sillci (Adopted 1/19/10 by Dale)
Simon (at home in PA)
Sorianna (adopted 6/14/08 by Claudia)
Soto (at home with Grandpa-Bean)
Swirlie (at home with Bibi)
Tawny (in DCIN foster near Bogalusa, LA)
Tinkerbelle (at home with Desi)
Toby (adopted 12/18/10 by Don)
Tommy (adopted 12/18/10 by Don)
Tommy (in foster care with Rhea since 8/6/10)
Toner (at home with Sunday)
Twinkie (in DCIN foster with dian in Pittsburgh)
Vinny (adopted 3/20/10 by Hope)
Woden (at home with his Mom)
Yoda (adopted by his foster Mom Kelly)
Windy (Godspeed and Angel Wings, dear boy; GA 8/10/10)
Zeke (at home with Jennifer in ME)

And, Sadly, Diabetic Cats We Couldn't Help

Jake in PA--euthanized September, 2010
Red in CT
Stanley in MI--euthanized April 2, 2010
Tigger in Georgia
Tornado at home in CA

Non-Diabetic Cats Helped

Sometimes, DCIN helps members of the feline diabetic groups with necessary care for their non-diabetic cats. These are rare situations, but usually involve unemployment and life-threatening situations.

Gigi (Lynn's cat with lymphoma)
Helen (Frank's cat with UTI and needing spaying)
Marjorie's Marshall Dillon (GA) (ER vet care in early 2010)
Bobbi's Feral Colony