Wednesday, February 26, 2014

HART of Maine - Shark

  November 13, 2014  Shark is running the Welcome Wagon for all the newbies at HART, and he is down to 1/2  unit of insulin twice a day (BID).   ~Lisa

March 11, 2014--Shark, an 11 year old grey and white boy, swam up to Maine not too long ago from Maryland and is in search of a new home. This extra sweet boy was actually living in Maryland and not being treated for his diabetes. A kind neighbor took him in and started him on Lantus (with the permission of his former owners, of course), and turned to the internet in the hopes of finding safety for this boy.

The kind neighbor even received home testing lessons from Ronda Dalton of Fancy Cats Rescue Team in VA so that she could monitor his progress and ensure that she was doing all she could in Shark's best interest.

This nice lady learned of HART (Homeless Animal Rescue Team) and contacted them to see if there was any room at the inn for Shark. HART said yes and then his foster mama actually drove him all the way to Maine to make sure he was safe! Now that is a Good Samaritan!

Wouldn't it be great for Shark to find a new home after so many folks have gone even more than an extra mile to make sure this wonderful kitty got a second chance?

He is a very laid back boy and hardly needed even an hour in a show cage before he was out mingling with other kitties in the HART diet controlled room! He eats canned Wellness grain-free only. He is currently getting 1.5 units of Lantus insulin BID.

Let the volunteers at HART show you how easy it is to care for a diabetic kitty! To contact HART, here is the link to the website: .

For a blank adoption application, click on this link: .

February 22, 2014--Shark arrived at HART of Maine on 2/22/14, transported from MD by his foster Mom. He is an insulin dependent mature boy with an easy-going personality. We will provide more details when they become available. In the meanwhile, if you might be interested in adopting Shark, contact and she will put you in contact with the appropriate people.

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