Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Welcome Home Honey!!

August 20, 2013-- Diet-controlled Honey went home last Saturday. Welcome home, dear boy!! ~V


May 8, 2013--This handsome little man is a courtesy post for a diabetic-friendly shelter group in Cumberland, Maine.

Honey, a 10 year old, orange and white "Creamscicle" kitty and is a new diabetic. Honey is a sociable kitty who likes to talk. He gets along well with some kitties, and not so much with others. Honey would really thrive as an only kitty where he could get all of your love and attention. Mostly, it seems that he is ok with other cats as long as they leave his food dish alone!

Recently, Honey received a steroid injection for a temporary skin issue, which affected his pancreas, but with a short term treatment of Lantus insulin and an appropriate diet, Honey's blood sugar has been great for the last couple of weeks! It is our hope that he is now "diet controlled." Due to the elevated glucose resulting from the steroid injection, he will need to stay on a canned, grain free only diet. One of our very generous volunteers has offered to donate $100.00 worth of Fancy Feast when you adopt Honey!

Honey will allow us to "home test" his blood sugar levels and loves to be brushed, as a bonus for being a good boy for testing. Come and meet our extra-sweet boy! HART offers a great deal of support for all new diabetic “parents” and we would be happy to show you how to care for Honey in his new home. To contact HART, here is the link to our website: For a blank adoption application, click on this link:

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