Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jeff Now in Permanent Foster Care

April 14, 2013--FFoM posted on its FB page "After a 14 hour day down to Worchester, MA and back...Jeff is finally home with Janet and Sam. He had an 8:15 vet appt Monday morning. Thank you to Diabetic Cats and Fancy Cats Rescue for caring about all the cats who need us and thank you LeAnn for loving him enough to do the right thing....xo"


April 5, 2013--I spoke to Pam from Forgotten Felines of Maine and she has offered to place Jeff in one of their permanent foster homes. He will be moving on 4/14/13.


March 19, 2013--Poor Jeff, at only 5 years old he was recently diagnosed in January to be diabetic. He is currently on 1.5u of Lantus twice a day. He is neutered but not declawed.

His current owner in NYC took Jeff in when a friend was giving him up due to allergies. His owner loves him very much but for personal reasons can no longer give Jeff the care he needs. He loves to snuggle and is a total cuddle bug. He is very friendly and adjusts easily to change. Contact JennF@dcin.info if you can give Jeff a loving home.

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