Friday, March 22, 2013


April 11, 2013--We have heard that our little hobo is OTJ (off the juice, in diabetic remission). Congrats to Hobie and his family!! ~Venita


Ah, home at last!!
Hobie on his first night in his new home.
March 22, 2013--Hobie found himself a home in January, meowing at the kitchen door to come in from the cold. His new people, a Mom and her adult son, instantly fell in love with him. They searched for his former home, but could not find it. And Hobie hasn't been altered, so either he was a stray or his previous folks didn't care about him.

A few weeks ago, Hobie's new family knew that he was not well. They took him to the vet, found he was diabetic and had serious medical problems, likely DKA. Hobie stayed with the vet for a week. Although DCIN has not been told the diagnosis was DKA, from what we heard it  sounds like that was the problem. DCIN paid $200 on Hobie's vet bill. Hobie came home a couple days ago.

Hobie at the vet with his IV catheter.
DCIN is now helping Hobie's family with insulin, syringes, and testing equipment. One thing we can say for sure--he is deeply loved. ~Venita 

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