Friday, March 22, 2013

Elphie in MA needs rehoming

March 23, 2013--
Elphie had a home visit done by a member of the DCIN family. "She's a really sweet girl. Elphie is the best personality you could ask for in a cat. What a sweetheart! Not too find of BG testing though". After a week on Friskies her BG was 394. This is her owner's first cat EVER! She is very worried that she can not take care of Elphie because she sometimes works 16 hour days and Elphie will suffer.

 March 4, 2013--Elphie was just adopted by her current just 3 months ago. Almost immediately she started showing symptoms of diabetes and it was confirmed with blood work when her owner took her to the vet in February 2013. Currently she is not receiving any insulin but has had her diet changed to wet prescription diabetic food. She is only 1.5 years old and just as sweet as ever. She is good around children and just a big ball of love. She is a lapcat and loves to give affection. Due to a very hectic work schedule her owner is not able to care for her diabetes.

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