Monday, April 1, 2013

Rest Sweet Sidney, Beloved by Many

April 3, 2013--I am profoundly sad that Sidney became an angel today. He had been having uncontrollable, unexplainable seizures for the past day, and it was a great kindness that his vet helped him pass. The outpouring of care and concern on DCIN's Facebook site and many other sites tells me that Sidney has gone to the bridge carried on the wings of more love than he ever could have imagined. **tears** ~Venita

Rest peacefully, Sidney

April 1, 2013--One of the assisting rescuers visited Sidney today. This is her report.
I met sweet Sidney, the 10+ year old diabetic from the PG County shelter today! The staff caring for him says he's SWEET and had a healthy appetite. He's eating a wet only, low carb high protein diet. He apparently LOVES his food. He's getting 1u of Lantus twice daily. His poor little sweet paws were clearly in rough shape when he came to the vet's late last week - they are treating his ingrown nails and his sweet feet and they seemed raw but better.

Sidney's is VERY thin. Not really unexpected with an untreated diabetic. I could feel his spine, and his coat definitely could use improvement (which one would expect would come with a better diet and control of his diabetes). He was alert and friendly while I was there - a sweetie. I know we are putting together a plan for him. I can't say yet when he can travel. I looked at him and didn't think "yes" or "no" - I'm going to defer to the treating vet, and will check with her tomorrow.

Sidney has a sponsor for the cost of his insulin while at the vet's, and DCIN has raised funds for additional care he might need down the road (primarily a dental). I also believe he has a potential [foster home], but transport will be required, and we want to ensure he's healthy enough to travel before moving him (of course).

March 29, 2013--DCIN has to help a diabetic cat in this bad a place. This is what we know so far about Sidney: "This poor boy came in as a stray found in Upper Marlboro. He weighs 6# 10oz, (very underweight and dehydrated—the bones in his spine can be felt), he needs major dental work; is missing half his teeth, mostly on the left side, his front paws have ingrown nails and are infected, his eyes have yellow discharge, his belly is rounded either from worms or enlarged organs. He tested negative for FIV/FeLV and was sent to the vet for his paws. He is neutered, 7+ year old DMH white/black cat is very sweet."

DCIN is working with other rescuers and rescue groups to help Sidney get out of the Prince Georges MD shelter. The shelter sent him to a vet for treatment and we have him settled there for a week. He has had his claws addressed and is feeling better from that, and has been started on insulin therapy. There is a rescue in Maine offering to put him into its foster system.

With the help of its friends, DCIN has been able to raise $545 to help Sidney.

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