Wednesday, October 24, 2012

HART of Maine - Denny

November 15, 2014  DCIN learned that Denny was returned to HART in April for inappropriate urination, so he is still looking for that perfect home. There has been NO incidence of this in the shelter since his return. He is still off insulin and diet controlled!  ~Lisa

November 30, 2013--Denny at HART was adopted today!!!!! *Happy Dance*. A nice lady was looking for an elder kitty and she chose Denny!!!


November 14, 2013--Denny, another one of HART's OTJ kitties, is also on a diet of canned grain free Wellness. He has also been diagnosed this year with hyperthyroidism. He is currently on methimazole twice a day, but he is a very easy kitty to treat. Despite the fact that he is a senior, he also loves to play. Denny would do great as an only cat or with a laid-back kitty. Please consider adopting Denny into your home. He's an oldie but a goodie! Transport may be available.


2/13/13--Denny playing with two of his diabetic kitty friends in the diabetic room at HART of ME.


October 24, 2012:  This handsome little man is a courtesy post for a diabetic friendly shelter group in Cumberland, Maine.

Denny is a handsome, all black, short-haired kitty, who is about 12 years old. He is actually very playful and active, so he really doesn't seem like an older kitty. Denny arrived at the shelter on December 8, 2011 and came to us because his owner passed away. Denny is a very sweet, quiet kitty and he enjoys being brushed. He enjoys one-on-one attention and likes interacting with volunteers who play with him using feathers on a wand. (Its one of his favorites).

Denny doesn't seem to mind the other kitties in the room but he is ok with them keeping their distance as well. It was reported to us that Denny is good with dogs and older children. Denny is currently not on insulin and is considered a diet-controlled diabetic. He is on a regulated diet because he has had elevated blood glucose if fed a low quality diet. His glucose should be continued to be monitored to ensure that he remains in remission. Denny is on a diet of Classic Style Fancy Feast and Taste of the Wild Grain Free Dry. Ideally, he should be on a canned food only diet. At the shelter, all of the kitties have access to dry due to Angus and Tam's preference for dry food. However, in a home, with one-on-one attention to his eating habits, Denny can probably be converted to a canned food only diet.

Denny was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and has been started on 2.5mg of methimazole. He accepts this medication via a crushed tablet in a syringe with either water or canned food “juice”. He is periodically home-tested to check his glucose levels but he doesn't care for this. Due to his age, he should be seen by a vet twice a year, so if an adopter is not comfortable with hometesting, the vet can check his glucose during his wellness checks.

Please contact the shelter with any questions you may have about Denny, we'd love to hear from you! To contact HART, here is the link to our website: For a blank adoption application, click on this link:

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