Wednesday, October 24, 2012

HART of Maine - Angus was adopted

January 9, 2014--WooHoot. Angus went to his forever home yesterday!!


January 10. 2014 -- Angus remains off insulin and available for adoption. To contact HART, this is the link to its website: For a blank adoption application, click on this link:


November 14, 2013--Angus now eats several flavors of the Wellness grain free canned food. He is still OTJ and is a very laid back boy. He loves running and jumping ever since he recovered from his neuropathy, and chasing little rubber balls and pouncing on the elusive red dot are his favorite activities. Angus would make a good addition to any home especially ones that already have a kitty as he is nondominant and laid-back. Angus can also appreciate a nice sun puddle and loves to be brushed. Don't hesitate to contact HART as transport may also be arranged!


August 21, 2013--After 3 weeks without insulin, HART is calling it. Angus is OTJ!


May 16, 2013--HART's update on black Angus. "Angus currently eats Fancy Feast classics or Friskies/9 Lives Tuna. He is currently only on 1 unit of Lantus BID. He also gets a monthly B12 shot for his neuropathy. He is much more confident in ambulating in his environment but still is more of a climber than a jumper."

To contact HART, this is the link to its website: For a blank adoption application, click on this link:


2/13/13--Angus playing with two of his diabetic kitty friends in the diabetic room at HART of ME.


October 24, 2012: This handsome little man is a courtesy post for a diabetic friendly shelter group in Cumberland, Maine.

Angus is a handsome, all black, short-haired kitty, who is about 8 years old. He arrived at the shelter on March 7, 2012 and had been an untreated diabetic for an unknown length of time, as he had severe neuropathy on intake. Angus seems to get along with the other kitties in the room but would be perfectly fine as an only kitty. He really loves attention and is a lap cat in the making.

Angus loves to be brushed and will immediately come to me if I hold his favorite brush and call his name. He may be shy at first in a new environment, but with just a little TLC, Angus would blossom in a loving home.

It was reported to us that Angus is good with kids and feline loving dogs as well. Angus is currently on 3 units of Lantus insulin BID and is on a diet of Classic Style Fancy Feast and Taste of the Wild Grain Free Dry. Ideally, in a less stressful environment, his insulin dosage may decrease, along with a canned food only diet. At the shelter, all of the kitties have access to dry due to Angus and Tam's preference for dry food. However, in a home, with one-on-one attention to his eating habits, Angus can probably be converted to a canned food only diet as I have seen him sampling the Fancy Feast when he thought I wasn't looking!

Angus' neuropathy is currently being treated with Metyl B12 “Zobaline” and with his diabetes under control, he is slowly regaining mobility in his hind legs. Most recently, he has been seen speeding across the room and jumping up on low shelving. This is impressive for a kitty that could barely walk on intake! He enjoys playing with little rubber bouncy balls and it allows him to exercise and also flex those legs, as we don't want him to gain too much weight from inactivity.

Angus is very comfortable with home-testing and barely even moves while he is being tested. He accepts his insulin like a champ.

There are really not enough words to say how great this guy is! Please contact the shelter with any questions you may have about Angus, we'd love to hear from you! To contact HART, here is the link to our website: For a blank adoption application, click on this link:

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