Saturday, August 25, 2012

Naffle!! SallyAnn Mickel Pastel

August 25, 2012--While the Beans are away, the Pets will play.

Hi, this is Mikey, the DCIN FUNdraising Spokescat. My Beans are away, hoping to see whales breech in the Gulf of Alaska. Now that I am fully rested from the London Olympics and with no Mom and Dad to entertain for awhile, I am starting a new Naffle.
Maisy and Colors
Love! the name Colors.

A very awesome artist, SallyAnn Mickel, offered me a custom pet portrait to Naffle for DCIN. SallyAnn will make the Naffle winner an 11 inch x 14 inch full color pastel portrait of a pet. It will be sent unframed.

You can see a few of SallyAnn's pet portraits here and in her portfolios here and here.
Two Foxhounds

Aunties V and Stefani met SallyAnn at an arts fair in June. The Aunties said that SallyAnn's pet portraiture was the very best there! (Auntie V said it was the best she had ever seen.)

George and the Siamese Kitten
What is a Naffle? It's Not a Raffle; read this page. With a Naffle, you can enter to win the prize without making a donation. However, I am asking for donations, and for each donation of $10, you will get an additional chance at winning this giveaway. (3 for $25.)

This is a PayPal button so that you can donate to enter this Naffle. If you don't plan to donate but wish to enter this Naffle, send an email to Choose the number of donations you want to make before you hit the "pay now" button.

Donations for Diabetic Cats

On September 23, I will spin the random number generator to find out which person entering the Naffle gets the commissioned pet portrait. Auntie Venita will put you in touch with SallyAnn, you will send SallyAnn one or more photos of your pet, and SallyAnn will create a pastel of your pet and ship it to you. Cool? Yessh it is!!

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