Thursday, August 16, 2012

Annie Might have Cancer

August 16, 2012--Annie is a diabetic cat in CA that DCIN has helped on occasion with supplies. Now Annie really needs our help. Her Mom Beth took her to the vet for a dental (she needed a tooth extraction), and told the vet that Annie was coughing. The vet took an X-Ray, and told Beth that there is an 80% chance Annie has cancer in her lungs.

Annie is seeing a veterinary radiologist for follow-up imaging next Monday. Depending on the type of imaging the radiologist chooses (ultrasound or CT scan), it could cost between $700 and $1400--money that Mama Beth does not have.

DCIN has a chip-in for Annie. DCIN does not have the funds to help Annie beyond what it collects on the chip-in. Please help if you can. DCIN will pay these funds directly to the specialty vet for the imaging. Donations to DCIN are tax-deductible on US federal, state, and local tax returns.

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