Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cricket in Her Furever Home!!!

Miss Cricket and her Paws.
May 30, 2012--The latest from Valerie about her Cricket:
"Miss cricket is doing very well, other than the kind of high numbers business. She has taken to licking my shins as a sign of love, ha. I really enjoy her off-beat personality."

April 25, 2012~ These are the updates that I absolutely love to announce!  Cricket is now in her furever home and heart.  She has officially been adopted by her new mom Valerie.  Cricket (originally named Baby) arrived in her new home on February 26, 2012.  A few days later Valerie experienced a devistating loss as her own kitty Baby passed away in her arms.  Valerie then viewed Cricket as being sent to her for a reason.  She quickly gave Cricket the nickname of Honey Badger because she was aggressive, not very affectionate and quick to bring out the claws and teeth.  Valerie remained patient and loving through it all.  Cricket began her treatment of insulin and less than 2 months of hard work and dediction from her new mom shows her responding well to the insulin.  She is seeing +60hour runs without insulin and in the past 7 days Cricket has not needed 10 if her 14 doses of insulin! 

This beautiful photo of Valerie and Cricket shows just how good Cricket is feeling these days.  She is allowing her new mom to snuggle right up to her and they are both receiving the love they deserve.  Cricket still shows her fursiblings who is in charge with a quick swipe but she is fitting in nicely.

Welcome home sweet Cricket.  You are in such loving arms ♥ ~Céline


April 16, 2012~ UPDATE

We have some new photos Cricket who is doing amazing in her foster home. What do you do when you have never had a diabetic cat before and are sent a foster kitty with so much cattitude that you nickname her Honey Badger? Well if you are Valerie you show her lots of patience, dedication and love. Then what happens...DCIN receives an update that looks like this
my little Crickety is making a run for normalcy. she is, more often than
not, suddenly running in normal range blood glucose levels all by herself. it
looks like her liver and pancreas have been jump-started by an all low-carb
canned food diet and the insulin treatment so far. i have hardly had to dose her
for days now! i can even pick her up now without getting mauled. :) i nuzzle her
belly and a few weeks ago i'd surely be looking to facial reconstructive
surgery ~Valerie
This kind of update melts my heart. Cricket would have proven to be a challenge for many people...she was very surely, aggressive and had major mood swings. She thought everyone was out to steal her food and that she always had to be defensive. I think she is learning to trust more now that she is feeling better.

Turns out that Cricket may very well be a Cymric (long haired Manx). In the second photo we can see Cricket sharing her space with another kitty resident named Big....amazing progress! We love when diabetic kitties find their way into special homes and Cricket sure lucked out with her guardian angel Valerie. ~Céline


March 23/2012~ Cricket is still getting use to her new fur family but she is showing some of her nice personality to her new foster mom.

Valerie has given her the nickname of Honey Badger because some days are better than others. This girl really does need to be in charge and her moods change very, very quickly. Thankfully mom has the patience of a Saint and takes everything in stride.

Valerie continues to work hard at finding the right insulin dose for little Cricket. She is a very dedicated furmomma. I hope that Cricket realizes very quicklky just how much love she has for her. ~Céline


March 3, 2012--Baby (now named Cricket) moved to a DCIN foster home with Valerie last Sunday. Cricket has been settling in and detoxing from dry food. Valerie has been learning how to hometest a kitty with tortitude.

This morning was Cricket's first Lantus insulin shot. Unfortunately, Valerie made a mistake that sometimes happens with newbies. Instead of .75U she drew 7.5U. The hometesting showed her Cricket's numbers diving, and Cricket's behavior showed her something wasn't right. Valerie consulted with a vet tech friend and discovered the mistake. She took Cricket to the ER, where she is staying at least overnight.

I will soon talk to the ER vet and update if there is something unusual, but I expect to be told that Cricket is on a dextrose/glucose drip with her BG level being tested frequently. I also expect to hear that ER treatment is about $1,000/day. Hoping that Cricket will be OK to go home by the morning, I am opening a chip-in for one day's ER treatment. Please help if you can, and do send best wishes and prayers for Cricket. ~Venita  (Chip-in widget removed.)


January 16, 2012--Baby is a gorgeous tortie Maine Coon who has had a rough life. She may look a little scruffy right now but we know there is a beautiful young lady under her scruffiness.

She was taken in by a very nice elderly man who is 88 but due to his own health conditions he cannot keep Baby. Baby was discarded by her previous owners and left to fend on her own. He took her in out of the goodness of his heart but now this girl needs a new home ASAP.

Baby was diagnosed with FD on Jan 13, 2012. Otherwise this girl is in good health. She does not have a medical background though. She is estimated to be approximately 5 years old and at this time her spay status is unknown.

Baby is at high risk because she is not being treated for her diabetes and she also needs to be out of this home ASAP. Do you have room to foster or adopt this girl? If so, please email

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SavageKitsune said...

Any updates on Cricket this morning?

Foster mom must feel terrible, but Venita's right- that is a very common mistake that a lot of us make, so try to not beat yourself up about it more than you have to!