Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nala, Rest in Your Mama's Heart

Sweet Nala
February 25, 2013--Angelwings and land softly, Nala. One year was all his Mom was given to be with Nala, to love on him, to care, nourish, laugh with him. She wanted more years, many more years, but FIV took him. He died quietly at home yesterday afternoon. ~Venita

Love the Nanners
Tomato or Apple??
July 1, 2012--I was speaking with Nala's Mom yesterday, and she tells me he is down to 14 pounds and scooting in and out of the cat door to the outdoor pen.This weight loss makes a big difference in his mobility. Good for you, Mr. Nala!! ~Venita


February 21, 2011--We are now revealing Sweet Kitty's name. It is Nala. He is with DCIN because of domestic abuse (although we have no reason to believe Nala was abused). Thanks to Carolyn in VA for fostering Nala until we could get him transported to his furever home. He is there now, and his furever Mom loves him.

January 27, 2012--New pictures of Sweet Kitty.
Enjoying the outside.

Cleaning up after a bath.

Dinner with a friend.

This chip-in is to pay for the flight to get SK to his new home. (Chip-in has closed and we have removed the widget.)


January 26, 2012--Sweet Kitty has booked his flight to his new home. He will fly next Wednesday, February 1. This is a tricky transport for DCIN. First, Sweet Kitty will have to travel all day, with physical and emotional stress, without insulin for his diabetes or the pain meds he takes for his spondylosis (degeneration of the spine). On top of that, he has two connections to make--one in Newark and one in Houston. We haven't done a two-stop transport before.

For the next week we will be sending Sweet Kitty mountains of positive, safe, and happy feelings for him to store up for his trip home.


January 22, 2012--DCIN has found a furever home for Sweet Kitty. We were lucky, because with diabetes, spondylosis, and FIV+, Sweet Kitty was a difficult-to-place cat.

Yep, FIV+. We found out the day before we took him that his snap test was positive for FIV. The vet drew blood for a Western Blot Test and that came back inconclusive. SK's previous vet told us that "inconclusive" meant the test would come back positive in a few months, and that it really wouldn't make sense to re-run it.

Sweet Kitty has a skin condition that his current vet thinks might be ringworm. Therefore, the vet will not yet clear SK for travel. As soon as SK is cleared, he will fly home. ~Venita


December 22, 2011--DCIN has temporary renamed this diabetic cat Sweet Kitty. He, and many of the other pets living with him, had to be rehomed on an emergency basis for reasons that we prefer not to share. However, we will explain it to potential adopters.

SK is in a DCIN foster home in VA, and needs his own home and heart. I understand he is an absolute purr machine and loves everyone he meets. His foster Mom took this video of him on SK's first night in her home. His foster Mom says that because he can't stop purring, that she has broken his purr.

You will see that SK walks on his hocks. He also stands in a plantigrade stance. But that does not seem to be because of diabetic neuropathy. It seems to be because of his spondylosis. SK previously has been on Adequan and pain medications for that condition. DCIN will be looking into pain management and weight loss for SK's spondylosis. SK is a Maine Coon (probably mix) and is not a small boy.

DCIN was initially concerned because SK came to us on a high dose on insulin--10U Lantus twice/day (BID). We switched him to Levemir--which we understand to be a better insulin for a high dose cat--and he is doing quite fine on a much lower dose--currently 1 to 1.5U BID. Hopefully, his foster Mom also will break his diabetes. ~Venita


December 14, 2011: A rescue group that DCIN works with often would like to help a diabetic cat, a male Maine Coon who is very sweet, docile and gets along with other cats.  The person who has this kitty has to place him by December 17th! The person is moving out of state and cannot take her cats with her. The rescue group is taking a kitty from her that she adopted from them but they do not have any space for a special needs kitty like this.

At 13 yrs of age, this sweet kitty, according to his person has fused back and is on insulin.

This Sweet Kitty is currently taking 10 units of Lantus twice per day and is good with cats, dogs and people. He eats script food and all shots are up to date.

He is FIV/FeLV negative and does not need meds for his back.

(Chip-in has closed and we have removed the widget.)

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