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Blessed be the Sugar Cats: DCIN's Fall Fundraising Cookbook

December 17, 2011--To make sure that folks who want the cookbook Blessed Be the Sugar Cats as a holiday gift have it on time, DCIN is offering to sell copies of the PDF file.

This is the same deal as the licensing agreement below. If you want a copy of the PDF to burn onto a CD or load onto the electronic device(s) of a single household, we ask that you donate a $10 licensing fee to DCIN. You would buy a separate licensing fee for each household that will receive a copy of the cookbook on CD or loaded onto its electronic devices. This $10 licensing fee is completely tax deductible because we have no supplies/mailing costs in it.

If you want the PDF file emailed to an address other than the one on your PayPal account, please put that email address in the special instructions section of the PayPal order screen.

PDF--Number of Licenses


December 3, 2011--

DCIN has sold almost half of the CD cookbook it hopes to sell for its 2011 Fall Fundraiser.

The widgets to place an order, for the cookbook or for licenses to copy the CD, are below. Cookbooks are $18 each (shipping included) and the licenses are $10 each.


DCIN is now taking orders for its cookbook, Blessed be the Sugar Cats. The title comes from Donna's cover art that won the popularity competition. This is a CD-based cookbook that you can load onto your computer or other electronic devise(s) (like an iPad that you keep in the kitchen) to view. You also can and print individual pages of the recipes. Or you could print and bind the entire book if you like. (We are putting it on CD to keep the cost down.)

The cookbook is in a PDF file; both PC and Mac users can access it.

Donna's Amazing Cookbook Cover
Please share this fundraiser with your social networking sites. Lots of folks are looking for easy holiday gifts that support a worthwhile cause, and this cookbook is the epitome of that!!And being a cookbook on CD, it makes a very handy stocking stuffer.

Prop, a runner up in the cover contest
I have been editing the recipes in this cookbook, and there are some very yummy-looking ones. I have shared some on DCIN's Facebook page. Many of them are "quick and easy" to make, even if you are a casual cook. Mel, MommaofMuse and Momma to Musette and Max, has been making (with the help of her cats) many of the cookie recipes for her husband's lunches. Mel's DH is in cookie heaven. And as a bonus---the cookbook has a lot of awesome photos of cats helping in the kitchen or dining room. You know how cats can be about the preparation and serving of people food. Always helping, whether it's in the fridge, on the stove, in a pan, or helping to set the dining room table!!

I want to sincerely thank Mel for her efforts on this fundraiser. She has been, to use a superlative I seldom use, MAGNIFICENT!!

This is Diabetic Cats in Need's annual fall fundraiser. This is, hopefully, our largest general fundraiser of the year. The amount you pay for the book is tax deductible at 75% of what you pay. That means that 75% of what you pay for the cookbook will go to DCIN's general fund to help cats through its Financial Assistance and Rehoming programs.

The cost for each CD is $18, including delivery to you by first class mail. You can buy more than one!! Get one for yourself and give others as gifts during the holiday season!! We ask that, because this is a copyrighted work, you load the CD only on the electronic device(s) of a single household.

Number of CDs

If you want to copy the CD you buy onto another CD or load it onto the electronic device(s) of another household, instead of buying another $18 copy  for those household(s), we ask that you donate a $10 licensing fee to DCIN for each additional copy. Of course, this is the honor system, but you know how hard DCIN works at its mission, and this $10 licensing fee is completely tax deductible because we have no supplies/mailing costs in it.

Number of Cookbook Licenses

If you don't have PayPal, email Venita@dcin.info for the address for a check.

DCIN would like to sell at least 150 of these CD cookbooks. To track our progress, I have set up this ticker. I may be a few days behind on my accounting for sales, but I promise to be as timely as possible. 150 CDs would bring about $1,800 in "profit" to DCIN's general fund.

Mel will be producing and mailing the CDs from her location in the very rural heart of Nebraska. Please give Mel at least two weeks to get your CD(s) to you before you start following up with me or her.

You can email any questions about this cookbook or your order to me at Venita@dcin.info. If I am delayed in following up, you also could email Mel at inked_cat @yahoo.com (remove space)


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