Sunday, September 25, 2011

Welcome Home, Poughkeepsie!!

December 25, 2012--Pough went to his new home on October 2, 2011, and has fit in very well. The brief update we just received about him is:
Pough is still off insulin. He has become the favorite of my 4 year old niece because he loves to be petted so much.

September 28, 2011: Chipin Event started to help raise funds to get Poughkeepsie to his new home in PA.

***************************************************************************************** September 25, 2011: A sad and tragic end to the life of a beautiful young woman who spent years rescuing cats of all kinds, CH, blind, you name it, she loved them. Now her rescued cats need our help. Here's the description we have. Poughkeepsie is a seal bicolor Ragdoll and a retired show cat. He is ten years old and very healthy other than he has diabetes. He receives one shot per day (3U Lantus) and is quite used to them. It is also very easy to give them. I just bought a brand new bottle of insulin for him and he just had his yearly physical. Eating Purina Cat Chow dry, free fed. He does need his teeth cleaned at some point, but he is very healthy otherwise. I expect him to have a long life span. He is a sweet boy who would love to be King of the Castle, though he does get along with other cats and dogs. He is not aggressive at all, but love attention from his person.

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