Saturday, September 24, 2011

Picachu, in Brooklyn, NY, 13 yrs old

January 9, 2012--Picachu's people have not responded to emails. We are removing her from the adoptables list on the Kitties with Diabetes store. ~Venita


September 24, 2011: Sweet Miss Picachu needs a new home. Diagnosed in August of this year, she is currently getting insulin just once per day. Owner works three jobs and cannot give Picachu the care she needs to thrive.

Eating Purina DM wet and dry, she is hungry all the time. With three jobs and only one caretaker, there is no way she can get the twice daily injections and proper maintenance. Owner says: [s]he is an unbelievable sweet cat and I hate to give her up but also know that realistically I can't give her the care she really needs. Its a hard choice as you know.

She underwent a BG curve at the vet and is currently on 1 unit of insulin a day. We had a check in at the vet today and her blood glucose level is still really high (376). She is losing weight, hungry all the time and clearly not happy. I have had her for 11 years and estimate she is 13 or 14 years old. The vet thinks she would have a good chance if she could have insulin shots every 12 hours but i am single and work 3 jobs at the moment and can't manage it timewise.... I am really struggling with this and don't want to keep her in this unhappy state she is in.

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