Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fly Free, dear Bobbins

Maybe what dear grey and white Bobbins looked like.
July 21, 2011--From Bobbin's caregiver yesterday.
Hi, I really appreciate you for trying to help me, but unfortunately, i had to take bobbins to our local animal shelter he got sick several times last night i ran out of insulin on saturday. He was just laying around this morning. I had to get him help fast. I did give them your name and number in hopes you can still help him find a home. He had a vet call in an insulin at our local food lion pharmacy i was not able to pay for it.

Bobbins is located at Wayne County Animal Shelter Goldsboro, N.C. If you could still help with finding him a home i would be most grateful. Thank you again for help,
From the shelter this morning.
unfortunately this morning I got a call from the shelter and Bobbins had blood in the kennel and was comatose. After being rushed to the vet they decided it was best to pts. Thanks for your interest and concern for Bobbins, I just hate they waited to turn him in after 4 days without his meds.
Fly free, sweet Bobbins. You didn't deserve to be treated the way you were; no cat does. But you are now back in the arms of your true Mom, happy and healthy again. We can all smile with that thought.

July 17, 2011--We need to get more information about Bobbins. Because of the rescue that brought him to our attention, we believe he is near Raleigh, NC.

Bobbins is a 6 year old neutered male cat whose owner died. The foster Mom has kept Bobbins as long as she can. He is an insulin-dependent diabetic, getting shots twice a day. His care is too expensive for his foster Mom.

"I really don't want to take him to my local shelter in fear they will put him to sleep. He is a very loving cat, and deserves a second with someone who can help him."

When DCIN offered the foster Mom help under either or both the financial assistance and rehoming programs, she chose only the rehoming program, saying "We will feel so much better knowing he is being taking care by people who will love him, as much as my mother-in-law did, who raised him since he was a kitten in a yard sale box. Even though she has passed away, I know she would happy with our decision."

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