Friday, November 26, 2010

Soto in MN

Update 12/10/10--Soto is not diabetic, although she has lots of other medical problems. The Dad who is watching Soto will be having a petsitter in his building watch Soto while he is away. I am taking Soto off DCIN's adoptables/fostering list. ******************************************************************* Update 11/29/10--Soto has a new vet and is now on insulin. She is more active and clearly feeling better. She also is now on wet food. Dad starts back to work later this week. ********************************************************************* Initial post--I received this email from K. Soto is in Egan, MN, near Minneapolis/St. Paul.
Yesterday, my cat was diagnosed with diabetes, and my situation for the next 8 months will make it nearly impossible for me to care for her. I read about Diabetic Cats in Need and was wondering if your network can help? Here is my predicament: Until June 2011, I am doing research in Switzerland on a Fulbright grant. While I am away, my dad is taking care of my cat. Her name is Soto, and she is a 13 year old Tortoiseshell. My dad is an airline pilot, which means that he's away for three to four days at a time and then home for a couple of days. The vet said it might be okay to miss insulin injections for a day or two, but three to four days is probably too much. My question is if you know anybody who can take care of Soto while my dad is flying? When I come back to the States next summer, she will come live with me, so I don't want to give her up for adoption. It would be so amazing if you could find someone to care for my cat part-time until then. I really hope you can help.
I emailed with K and her father. K answered some of my questions in this manner.
Unfortunately, Soto pretty much hates all other animals. She hasn't been around them for several years, though, so my dad hopes that she's mellowed out a little bit in her old age. If Soto is fostered just on the days my dad is away, I'm sure he would be able to drop her off and pick her up. I would also understand if she would need to be fostered 100% of the time until I get back, and if that is the case, I would be willing to pay for all of her costs. If the foster family could get her off insulin, then I'm sure my dad would be happy to have her live with him. They've gotten to be pretty good pals, and the only reason I need help right now is because of his work schedule. Also, Soto does not have FIV/FeLV. At the beginning of the summer, she had liver disease, which we suspect paved the way for the diabetes.
After seeing her father's response, I believe that a 100% foster home would be best. If Soto comes off insulin, the father is not willing to have a pet sitter into his home while he is away to feed Soto wet food. Also, Soto is not presently being treated for her diabetes because, to quote the father:
Soto has a dry cough from a lung infection ATM. The vet won't start treatment unless we know we can take care of the diabetes as well. The vet is wanting to euthanize her otherwise.
I replied explaining the medical problems that would result from untreated diabetes and that it is possible that the high blood sugar is a result of the physical stress from the lung infection. If you think you might be able to foster Soto until June 2011, please let me know. I haven't spoken to K about a long-distance foster, but I can if someone comes forward to help.

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