Monday, July 8, 2013

Stubbie - diabetic cat in Ottawa, IL needs a home

July 25, 2013--Stubbie grabbed himself a heart and will be soon moving to his new home in CA. He has just recently been started on Lantus insulin and the vet wants to get his blood glucose levels reduced before he jumps a plane to meet his new Mom. ~Venita


July 8, 2013--A volunteer at a veterinarian's office contacted DCIN and sent Stubbie's story and his Petfinder page. Because there is more information we'd like to include, we've put together this page for Stubbie as well.

Stubbie has tested negative for FIV/FeLV, started Novolin 70/30 insulin on July 6th, current dose is 2U BID. He is eating Science Diet dry but we are told he will eat wet food. Please see his Petfinder Page for contact information.

The volunteer tells us the following: "This particular vets office will take in strays if they have room and I get them up on Petfinder and help get them adopted. Last week someone duct taped a cat in a box and left him on their doorstep. This cat is Stubbie! Stubbie was very thin and full of fleas. He is a young male and had already been neutered and front declawed. The vet tech noticed him drinking a lot and peeing a lot so she tested him and he is diabetic and will need insulin shots twice a day. The insulin is very inexpensive, however due to overcrowding (kitten season) and his illness he is at risk of being euthanized. I went searching for someone, some way where he could be saved because I tell you even after all he has been through he is the sweetest, most loving boy. If there is any way I could help save him, I at least have to try. He does not deserve this. He has so much love to give. I have attached his petfinder link so that you can see his photos and video. 

If there is any way you could help find him a home or even a foster home until something permanent could be found for him, I would greatly appreciate it. Even if he could be posted on your page. I am going to go back and see him on Tuesday and try and get some better photos of him. I am sure you have your hands full, but I could not sleep at night if I did not at least try and do all I can for this sweet little boy.

Being he is such a good boy, he does well being examined by the vet."

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