Monday, July 8, 2013

Boo in Northern VA

 March 29, 2014--Update from Boo's foster Mom "Boo is doing great! He is a super sweet kitty who gets along with everyone. He loves his wet and raw food and is still diet controlled for his diabetes. His good buddy Black Bart is also FIV+; he was luckily trapped during a rescue of another cat and then treated for so many terrible bite abscesses. These two adorable black boy cats hang out so often together that we just call them BartyBoo. Boo had a good winter. He didn't mind the snow too much but of course made the sensible choice to stay inside during the coldest days. He's been rooting for spring to get here -- the first real sunny day we had, the cats were all out sunbathing even though it was still quite chilly. Look how plump and plush he is!" 

Mr C., Black Bart and Boo

November 26, 2013--
A collage of Boo and some of his new friends.


Come love my belly!

Boo is well proportioned.

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September 21, 2013--Boo's foster Mom says Boo is "doing great although still fighting a bit of eye goo. Fat and happy. He loves his raw food. Thick plush fur! All the other kitties marvel."

Boo's raw food.

August 16, 2013--Boo is settling very nicely into his new foster home in Northern VA. Boo has grabbed the heart of every person he has met along the way.

As it turns out, Boo is not insulin dependent. He hasn't needed an insulin shot since he left the vet clinic. Although he has been "broken" of his need for insulin, he will need to be kept on a low-carb canned or raw food diet the rest of his life. He has transitioned well to the raw food diet that his foster Mom makes. He also is integrating well with the other foster kitties. (Well there was that one foster kitten crazed on catnip that rampaged right over him to get to a cat tree that drew a hiss.)


July 25, 2013--Boo is packing his bags to move soon to an independent foster home in Northern VA. Until he moves, he remains available for adoption through [email address removed]. If he isn't adopted and moves to VA, we will update his contact information.

Boo has recently been switched to Lantus insulin.


July 8, 2013--Sweet Boo is a loving and adorable little man who needs a home.He is FIV+ and also declawed. A volunteer at the local clinic contacted DCIN with the following:

"URGENT! WE JUST FOUND OUT POOR BOO HAS DIABETES AND IS FIV POSITIVE. If we cannot find someone to adopt him soon, he will have to be euthanized. This is breaking everyone's hearts that have had the pleasure to know Boo. If you are willing to adopt this sweet boy, the adoption fee would be waived.

Boo was brought into the vet clinic over the winter by his family who wanted him put down because he had hardly any hair left on his body, which was bright red due to some kind of allergy. He was put on Benadryl and has since cleared up.He has hair all over almost his entire body now. We all LOVE Boo so much, he is definitely the staff favorite. He has the most loving, sweetest personality. All he wants out of life is to give love and receive love. He loves other cats and even dogs. Kids, everyone, he loves one and all! He will sit on your lap the minute you meet him. He is such a sweet soul. Poor guy has so many strikes against him, his color, his illness, but we will not give up hope trying to find him a home. Boo is on insulin, Relion Novolin 70/30, 2 units twice a day. He is on no other medication at this time. We think Boo is worth it. Check out his video and you will see what I mean!"

Boo's video:

For information on adoption, please visit his Petfinder page.

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Unknown said...

Just wanted to say hello to Boo from all his friends at the vet clinic. How is he doing these days? He is such an amazing cat, we will never forget him!
Love, Janice