Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tucker at Home in VA with Blind Mom

July 13, 2013--Video of Tucker from a couple days ago. Also thanks to all who donated for the Tucker food drive. DCIN received a very generous amount that will have Tucker set for quite some time.


The most handsome Tucker
July 9, 2013--This is Tucker, DCIN's "special project." He is recently diagnosed diabetic but his elderly, legally blind Mom is physically unable to draw and shoot insulin. A group of FD-experienced volunteers are making home visits to monitor his blood glucose (BG) during a trial to see whether he will revert on a diet change alone. If that doesn't work, we have a foster home a few hours away ready to start him on insulin therapy. However, we really hope the food trial works because Tucker and his Mom are very strongly bonded.

Tucker has been transitioned from dry food to small, frequent meals of Fancy Feast pate. Tucker's BG level when he was diagnosed at the vet's office was 553. In the readings that the Tucker Hometesting Brigade have taken so far, he is generally in the high 200s, low 300s. DCIN is providing the hometesting coordination, testing equipment, and some canned food. DCIN has a fundraiser for Tucker's food here.

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