Monday, January 28, 2013

Jibbit (Male) and Sunshine (Female) in Virginia

December 9, 2013--DCIN is pulling Jibbit and Sunshine from the shelter in Virginia, although they will stay in foster care with their current Mom. Also, because they do not seem to be a bonded pair, they will now be offered for adoption separately. See the separate blog pages for Jibbit here and Sunshine here.


August 3, 2013-Update from foster mom--J and S saw their vet today for their regular visit, and she asked me to pass some things along to you. First is, J and S can be separated into different homes - and the longer they're shut up together, the less I think Sunny tolerates Jibbit.She might actually be able to be an only cat, as long as she gets lots of regular attention from her person. No dogs. Jibbit needs to go someplace where's he'll have almost constant companionship, whether human or critter. He might do okay with dogs, but I don't know for sure. He's a very laid-back cat!

Sunny seems to be stable at 1u of Lantus BID - we no longer think she'll go OTJ. Although maybe she'll surprise us! Jibbit is still VERY bouncy and probably needs to go to someone experienced with FD kitties. He's been OTJ, back on 1 unit, OTJ, and now is on a daily assessment of what to give. I think he'll eventually be okay OTJ."


January 30, 2013: These two kitties continue to blossom. Foster mom says they are so sweet and affectionate. Ready to purr and love all the time.

While neither is a lap cat, they both want a lot of attention. Sunshine will take some time to warm up to you, but Jibbit will come to you when you request it and loves to be petted.


January 28, 2013: There is nothing harder than losing your mom except maybe going to a shelter and having an uncertain future. These two kitties have been through a lot recently. When mom died they were to be euthanized. Thankfully a shelter stepped up but could only help if a foster took them. In came a very good friend to DCIN who did not have the room nor has she ever cared for diabetic kitties but her heart is big and she could not let these two be harmed.

This bonded pair should go to a home together. Foster mom tells us that even after the terrible time these two had, losing mom, going to the shelter, ending up at a vet clinic and now foster, they still are very affectionate and snuggly. Both kitties were on Glipizide, a pill for diabetes but have been switched to a canned food only diet and Lantus insulin.

Sunshine is a female grey DMH who might be 12 YO. Jibbit is the black and white Manx and may be 15 YO.
Kitties are currently being fostered in Virginia. Please email or for more information.

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