Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rest Peacefully, Buddy

June 26, 2013--Last night, Buddy's family took him to the vet to let his spirit pass from his badly ravaged body. Buddy has had many physical problems because of his Acromegaly, and little that his family did helped his condition. Fly free, sweet Buddy, and land softly back into your family's shattered heart. ~Venita


October 26, 2012--Buddy is on amazingly high doses on insulin daily. About 27 units of Levemir and 8 units of R twice/day. DCIN is sharing that cost with Buddy's rescue family.

It is amazing the care that a family who found this stray cat is giving him, with the hometesting and the insulin therapy. It is clear that Buddy is very loved.

I am again asking for donations and sponsorships for Buddy. DCIN has only found Buddy one sponsor. This boy goes through a pen of insulin (300 units) in less than 6 days.  Thankfully DCIN and his folks have been able to afford this so far, including with insulin donations from our friends, but we would like to start building up his DCIN account. We hope that Buddy can get a dental soon (if DCIN can afford it), and maybe--in the future--we can talk about SRT treatment for his Acromegaly.~Venita

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September 20, 2012--Buddy did test positive for both Acromegaly and Insulin Auto Antibodies. He is presently up to about 30U Lantus and 8 units of Humulin R twice/day.

His insulin needs are a serious financial burden both on his foster folks (who rescued him from the street) and on DCIN. I just ordered Buddy 5 boxes of Levemir pen, and paid an amazingly low $475 for them. ~Venita

If you can donate or subscribe for Buddy's costs, please do. The Paypal buttons are here.

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July 15, 2012--Buddy was such a good boy at the vet. He was very patient, even loving, although he was STARVING from being fasted overnight. The vet did a thorough exam, pulled blood and urine, and clipped his nails.

I will be shipping blood samples to Michigan State University tomorrow for the Acromegaly and IAA tests. We should have the Acro results on Friday. My kitties' vet, Dr. Rachel, the owner of the Chester County Cat Hospital in West Chester, PA, did some imaging (XRay and US) for free, and she will evaluate the results of the imaging in conjunction with the results of urinalysis and of the senior panel and thyroid B/W that come back on Monday.

Buddy went home with Clindamycin to beat down any oral infection (Buddy might need a dental) and Strongid (as a just-in-case wormer) from the vet. From DCIN, he went home with Miralax (looks like some hard stool in his bowels) and Omega 3 oil (dry, flakey fur).

Great news is that Buddy got everything we wanted for the $350 we had budgeted.

DCIN appreciates any donation you can make for Buddy's care. Here are PayPal button to either donate one time, or set up a monthly subscription.

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July 14, 2012--Buddy is coming North today to see my vet. His insulin needs are still outrageously high, and we finally have put the planning together to get him blood tests for Acromegaly and Insulin Auto Antibodies.

It also sounds like Buddy is in desperate need of a dental. I was told he has a tooth that has turned from grey to black, and he paws at his mouth and drools. Once we get the results from the Acro test, we will start planning for a dental, probably at the University of Pennsylvania veterinary clinic. Because of heart enlargement, anesthesia and AcroCats don't mix well and need extra care. ~Venita


Buff Boy Buddy!!
Not Buff Boy Buddy!!

June 18, 2012--Buddy is going through a 10ml vial of PZI every week. He also will be going to the vet next week, including for tests for Acromegaly and Insulin Auto Antibodies (IAA). Is you are able to donate to help DCIN with its support for Buddy, there are PayPal buttons.....


May 6, 2012--DCIN has been helping Buddy for a couple months. He was a stray that a tender-hearted couple took in. Turned out he was diabetic, and he is a high-dose cat, presently on a beef PZI from Stokes pharmacy. Melissa and James post regularly about Buddy on Diabetic Cat Help.

DCIN has been providing testing equipment, syringes, and insulin. Buddy is a high-dose kitty (14 to 16U BID). Although DCIN can afford Buddy's test strips, lancets, and syringes from its general fund, the cost of his insulin is starting to break the bank. Because of that, we are asking for folks to donate specifically for Buddy. Below are the PayPal buttons to do that. If you want to send a check, email me at for the address.

Buddy will soon go to a vet to be tested for Acromegaly and Insulin Auto Antibodies (IAA). Melissa and James may want to rehome Buddy (he did show up at their home as a stray). I know that rehoming a high-dose cat is going to be difficult, but there are plenty of folks out there who previously dealt with high-dose cats.

Here are the PayPal button to donate for Buddy. You can either donate one time, or set up a monthly subscription.

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Charisse Snuggles said...

I donated just a little bit. I totally know what it's like to have a high dose kitty with Snuggles, it sure does break the bank.

Venita said...

Thanks Charisse. Buddy is now approaching 40U/day.