Friday, May 4, 2012

Please Help DCIN's Financial Assistance Cats

May 4, 2012--Hi, this is Mikey, DCIN's happy FUNraising cat.

Do you know about DCIN's Financial Assistance Program? There are dozens of cats that DCIN is helping with insulin and supplies to take care of their diabetic needs because their Beans can't afford their care.

The DCIN case managers seldom tell you about the help they give with this program because they don't set up chip-ins. An insulin pen costs $40-45. A Contour glucometer with 200 strips and 100 lancets retails at $170. Overnight shipping costs $50. Total cost $260.

$260 is a bunch of support coming from DCIN's general fund just to get a cat started on treatment. And sometimes, DCIN also pays a vet bill of up to $250 just to have a diabetic cat vetted for an insulin script.

If you would like to help DCIN support the many cats in its financial assistance program, go to and send money to Use the personal tab and gift radio button. If you use a credit card, choose to pay the credit card fee. That way, Paypal won't take fees out of the amount DCIN receives. In the memo area, tell DCIN that the money is for the financial assistance cats.

If you want to send a check, email for a mailing address.


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