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Rest Easy, Dear Alberto

June 26, 2012--

A very sad update.

"I had to put Alberto to rest this morning, before the tests that I ordered up late last night could be done. Even when they removed a lot of fluid, he was still in major distress and I didn't want to see him suffer anymore. I wanted to say good-bye to him, so they intubated him just so I could race up there, as it wasn't looking like he could make in those last 15 minutes. I suppose that was selfish, but I am so glad that I had a chance to tell him goodbye and what a special, brave boy he is, and that Nemo will be waiting for him on the other side.

Right now I'm just so very sad this sweet boy didn't have a second chance.


Alberto went home to Suzanne on June 14. In less than two weeks he has firmly wound his paws around her heart.

Yesterday, Suzanne's vet diagnosed Alberto with pneumonia and he started on antibiotics. Palpation and an X-Ray revealed enlarged kidneys and the image was being sent to a radiologist for evaluation.

However, last night Suzanne had to take to the ER for very labored breathing. Alberto is in critical condition overall, and it's likely not pneumonia but a large mass in his chest, producing fluids affecting his breathing. He stayed the night to be in an oxygen tank, and they removed some fluids, so for the time being he's breathing better. Today Albert is getting a diagnostic ultrasound and bloodwork. The vet is thinking it could be cancer, perhaps coupled with congestive heart failure. Between the hospitalization (which might be a few days) and these tests, the estimate for care is $3,000.(Update: I adjusted the chip-in the the actual costs of Alberto's final care.)

"I feel that I owe it to him to at least get these tests today. Perhaps with the results I won't have any other choice but to put him to rest, but I'd like to at least give him a fighting chance for the next day or so. I'm a mess. He's not here even two weeks, but I love him dearly all the same."

Please help DCIN help Suzanne and Alberto. ~Venita


May 31, 2012--Some new pictures of Alberto, scheduled to go home to Suzanne in just over two weeks.

Toys are fun.
Posing is fun.


I am so handsome, and I like to take strolls.
May 28, 2012--Albert is going home on June 14. His most awesome new Mom is Suzanne, who recently lost her wonder cat Nemo. That profound loss left Suzanne with room in her home and heart for Albert--to be renamed Alberto. Suzanne also is Mom to diabetics Nanner and (both OTJ) Little Spot and Mel.

Welcome home soon, Signore Alberto!! You have landed so softly, both in foster and in furever!

Suzanne and DCIN would like to sincerely thank Heather for saving Alberto from the vet's office and caring for him. Heather has been able to get Alberto OTJ and to resolve his neuropathy. Alberto, we know, has vastly improved under Heather's care, and we are sure he will absolutely blossom with Suzanne.


"He purrs a lot for me..."
May 13, 2012--Albert hasn't had an insulin shot for a week. Here's more about him from Heather:
Albert has a very endearing disposition and he is super-affectionate once he gets to know you. He loves to cuddle, and also to give head-butts. He also has a penchant for wanting to touch his paw with his person's hand, arm, or wrist. It is the most sweetest thing. I've only had one other cat do that, and it is a loving way for a cat to show affection. He's also a vocal kitty. He's super-polite towards the other cats even when they take liberties and march over to him and sniff his nose. And he's terrific with the harness and leash. I will donate that with him when he gets adopted.


May 7, 2012--Part of Heather's recent update on Albert.
Fingers and paws crossed here that I don't jinx this, but Albert hasn't had an insulin shot in 34 hours!! He is eating low carb canned food normally now, not as if there's no tomorrow like when he was on the appetite stimulant. Sometimes he's a little persnickety about his food, but usually it's because it's "old," whereas before he would eat every last scrap. He didn't seem to know how to eat his food out of a bowl so I feed him on small porcelain dishes that have very low sides. It's much easier for him, but he needs to have a plastic placemat as well because things get messy otherwise.

Albert has a check up on Tuesday to redo his labs. The vet also wants to check his blood pressure for some reason. Albert is doing awesomely. If I had just met this cat today I would never have known he had had neuropathy. [The photo is of him ] yesterday during one of our walks in the yard: (notice those handsome bengal markings too)

The vet has confirmed that Albert is part Bengal but we don't think he is a purebred. He has the physique of one though, and according to the latest Cat Fancy mag about Bengals, he has the sweet and social attributes that Bengals have. My cats have all accepted him, and little Bingley, who used to be jealous of him, now has a sweet spot for him. I wish I could keep this beautiful boy, but I've already got five cats and four dogs in this household and I'm on disability. While he is here with me, though, he is getting tons of love and care. He purrs a lot for me and is very affectionate, and he is very grateful for having gotten a second chance.


DCIN, thanks for saving me.
Now where are my new folks?

April 6, 2012--DCIN brought Albert into foster care. He came home to Heather, a long-time member of the FDMB. We have some costs to pay for Albert, including the vet boarding for the past week. Please help up pay his costs if you can.

If you are interested in adopting Albert, please contact Venita@dcin.info.

April 3, 2012--This is a desperate situation. Albert was turned into his vet's office in Medway, MA. He has been started on ProZinc insulin and some bloodwork has been done. Albert seems to be in good health other than his diabetes, but his diabetic symptoms right now appear serious. Because of neuropathy, he is having trouble walking.

The clinic owner does not allow "shop cat," so DCIN is paying for one week of boarding and medical management. After that? We may have to let him go. Following is the info we have about Albert. If you are in New England (or otherwise nearby) and could foster or adopt Albert, please contact Crystal (info below) or me at Venita@DCIN.info. Give Albert's present weakened state, I am not sure he would be able to fly now, but maybe in a week or two.....
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Super Affectionate
  • Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes
  • Up to Date on Vaccinations
  • Negative for FIV/FeLV
  • 12 Year Old Neutered Male
Help!! My name is Albert. I am a 12 year old kitty who was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Because of that my owner decided that he didn’t want me any more and brought me to the vet to have me put to sleep!

Diabetic Cats in Need (DCIN) is a wonderful organization that is paying for my boarding in a vet’s office but I can’t stay in a small cage forever! Please help me. If you have experience fostering diabetic cats – or have an interest in learning – please, please, please call and ask about me!

Call Crystal at 1-339-987-9106 or reach her via email at Crystal.Carvotta-Brown@mesgroup.com. Thank you!!!

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