Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Murrlin/Mooch Is Missing!

July 7, 2012--Murrlin came back home to his new Mom after two nights on the prowl. Many sighs of relief were let out among the DCIN staff and friends, as well as from Mom Vicky.


June 21, 2012--Because Mooch (now renamed Murrlin) has been an indoor/outdoor cat, Vicky has allowed him brief period of unsupervised time outdoors. Seemed safe enough given they live very rural. But yesterday, Murrlin decided to head out on a walk-about. You can imagine how distraught Vicky is. Please, everyone, give a call out to Murrlin to come mewing at the back door. Apparently, the crowing of Vicky's roosters this morning have not yet oriented him. ~V


May 27, 2012--
Mooch makes himself right at home.
Enjoy him Miss Vicky!!


May 24, 2012--MOOCH IS GOING HOME! Mooch had a wonderful foster mom who was able to get him OTJ and Mooch is now on his way to his furever home!!! We are so happy for you smoochy Moochy! You can view his OTJ party here at:


April 24, 2012-- Mooch has settled in well with his foster Mom and loves playing with the fishing pole toy and chasing toy mice and balls.  He's the perfect patient for getting his blood glucose tests and insulin shots and is up to date on his vaccinations and FIV/ FeLV negative.  His foster Mom is still trying to switch him to wet food and so far he has turned his nose up at about 20 different ones but there are a couple he will tolerate and she's hoping he'll grow to like them. His foster Mom says, "The thing that Mooch likes even more than crunchy kibbles is smooching and he's a really sweet lap cat who loves everyone."

April 4, 2012--Mooch is a 10 year old neutered male that was diagnosed with FD just a few weeks ago. He is currently on Lantus 1-2 units BID. His owner was losing her home and would be moving in with relatives. The family pets were not able to move with her. Mooch is an indoor/outdoor kitty who loves lounging around on the patio furniture. He gets along well with both cats and dogs however he tends to disappear around small children. He is a love bug and enjoys being petted. He's very laid back and loves attention.

For more information about Mooch or to discuss adopting him, please contact his DCIN Case Manager at

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GA said...

I just realised this hadn't been updated. Murrlin/Mooch made it safely home and his new mum is now watching him like a hawk when he gets his supervised visits outside.