Thursday, January 12, 2012

Louie, A New Mexico Cat

August 24, 2012--DCIN received a new photo of Louie. He awaits his morning and evening ritual everyday. He gets his Mom up in the morning for his testing, shot and, most importantly, breakfast! He is quite a happy sugar kitty, and a proud DCIN representative.


The most handsome Louie
January 12, 2011--DCIN has accepted Tracy's Louie into its financial assistance program. Welcome to the DCIN family, Tracy and Louie!!


Maine Kitties said...

Beautiful kitty! :)

jabbify said...

very handsome, he looks like he's posing for a modeling agency...
"this is my 'blue steel" :) Feel better soon Louie

louie said...

Louie is so grateful for the wonderful help...and loves the attention! Thank you DCIN for sponsoring Louie and helping feel better!