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Fly Free, BearBear

December 23, 2015 -- It was with overwhelming sadness that Bear's forever Mom had to let him go to the vastness. He was too sick with cascade organ failure: besides the metabolic problems with Diabetic Ketoacidosis he had an enlarged heart, difficulty breathing, and liver infection/inflammation. Fly free, our dear BearBear. Your Mom loves you so much, and so do many many others. Your joy will stay in our hearts for a very long time. We chose tears.


August 17, 2014---It seems Bear's blog page needs an update!  In about 10 days, Bear (or BearBear as he is affectionately called)  will have been in his Forever Home for one whole year! His foster Dad brought him on the plane to his new Mom last year. He is the most adorable, and good cat ever.  Bear is so even tempered. He does get a little naughty when he wants to play, and he does love playing!! He chomps on arms in a little love nippy way, but he has almost no teeth left.

Bear wakes his mom up by chewing on her hair, and sleeps between her legs sometimes.  He allows cuddling up to a point, and then walks away like "aww mom" and lays down just out of arm's reach. He recently got an adopted sister, Sarjenka.  He has handled her torti-ness with grace and is unfazed by her, which is helping her adjust.  BearBear is truly a marvelous cat!

July 1, 2013--Bear is DCIN's July 2013 Kitty of the Month. We hope to have an adoption commitment for Bear before the end of the month.

Bear, a brown tabby, is seven years old now and lives in DCIN foster care in a multi-cat, multi-kid household in Northern coastal NJ. Bear has been in DCIN foster care for about 18 months. Bear's original family didn't want him because he was diabetic and they got new kittens and the kittens were more fun. But the family's young daughter also is diabetic and we doubt they planned to give her "a good death" as they did with Bear.

Following is a gallery of new photos of Mr. Bear that we will grow as the month progresses.

Bear loves to watch birds from the sun porch.On rainy days, the kitchen sink also is a good perch.
Bear's foster family calls him the chubby ninja
because he can walk without making his bell ring.

He likes to sneak by his beans without them knowing.

A lazy morning with friends.Bear (on right) is smart, very laid back, and likes to play a bit.
A bowlful of Bear
Bear is a quiet and loving cat

You tell me. Which tail should I go after?
Bear is good with other cats 
if they aren't aggressive with him.


November 12, 2012--

Bear (left on ironing board) with most of his kitty friends.

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October 16, 2012--It's true, Bear is a family cat; he really likes the kids at his new foster home. He's a bit confused about his situation, so he meows during the night once or twice. His insulin dose has been cut one-third and this morning BG was 196! During a curve yesterday, his BGs ranged between 200-315. Bear's foster Mom has also cut his late-night night snack in half, hoping that if he loses a pound or so he will get better BG numbers.

Please consider bringing this little man into your home and heart. If you can't adopt, please consider sponsoring him. DCIN has spent money on vetting and his foster care for which we haven't received donations.

DCIN is starting to plan a dental procedure for Bear. His last vet visit showed moderate tartar. Bear has a 3/6 systolic heart murmur, so he will need an EKG as part of the procedure. ************************************************************************************

October 15, 2012--Almost nine months ago, Bear came into DCIN care, staying in another rescue's foster home in northern VA. Yesterday, he moved to a DCIN foster home in NJ. DCIN moved him so that Soldier can go into the VA foster home, as that rescue's kitty.

We hear that Bear is a quirky young man and hope to hear more from his new foster family. We have taken him off 911 status to give him some time to get acclimated to his move.


September 10, 2012--Bear continues to be in good spirits and is able to get out of his cage most days. When he gets "out" time, he loves to follow his foster Mon around the house, and especially likes the treats he gets when she makes up the raw food. His BG levels are still higher than we would like (mid 200s to mid 300s), but an adoptive home with more time to devote to Bear's diabetes treatment likely could change that.

May 1, 2012--Bear has been in DCIN foster since mid-January, 2012. Although he is technically "safe," we need to get him out of care with his current foster Mom. She is a foster home for Fancy Cats Rescue Team and she needs the space. Therefore, we are moving Bear to a 911 status.

DCIN and Bear's foster Mom have changed him to Levemir insulin from Lantus. This has really improved the "whole cat." Bear is no longer eating like he is starving. He no longer has "grumpy" periods during the day. He is getting along with other kitties in this rescue foster home. And he is starting to truly enjoy his time on the screened porch.

Please consider bringing this little man into your home and heart. If you can't adopt, please consider sponsoring him. DCIN has spent money on vetting and his foster care for which we haven't received donations.


March 27, 2012--Bear's foster Mom says he is a really nice boy. He is fine with the other cats there; exists with them but doesn't play with them. He plays with the Mom with pole toys. On occasion Bear finds and eat the other cats' dry food. Bear is getting used to getting onto the couch and bed. He seems to have been raised as a floor cat. He is looking great; his fur is "silking" up and he likes to be brushed when he eats.He takes BG testing well and likes the post-testing chicken treats.

March 5, 2012--Bear's foster Mom's report from last week:
Bear's numbers are better this week, mostly are staying in the lower 300s and bouncing around in the 200s. He has been in great spirits and is calm and vocal. Sometimes all he wants is for me to come in and pet and play with him.
February 24, 2012--Bear went to the vet yesterday for a wellness visit. The vet said that Bear is in much better shape since he came into our care. The GI problems seem resolved. Bloodwork was fine; BG level was 292. The Bun was slightly up at 37, but Creatinine was a perfect 1.1, so the vet is not concerned about kidneys at this time. The thyroid number is a touch low, but there is no need to worry about that because Bear has not been treated for hyperthyroidism. There were no urine ketones. He does have a grade 3/6 heart murmur.

Bear's foster Mom is doing a great job taking care of him!!

February 22, 2012--Bear's foster mom says he is doing well with her. She brushes him daily, and that seems to be helping with his stomach problems but eliminating the hair he ingests. He has gained some weight. He has been playing with toys and has discover the comfort of the open crate with a soft bed. "Bear has settled in well, in fact he wants out of his room." Bear's blood glucose numbers aren't as good as we hoped. He has just been increased to 2U Lantus and we are hoping that his preshot numbers will soon come down out of the high 300s, low 400s.

We have had no adoption offers on this dear boy. Please consider giving this dear grey tabby his own home. He's been in foster care for over a month.

January 20, 2012--Bear will be moving tomorrow to Northern VA to a Fancy Cats Rescue Team foster home. He will be FIV/FeLV tested before he is moved. Because of a high EOS value on a recent blood test, he also will have his stool examined for parasites and treated if necessary. His vet records show a heart murmur that was first noticed in January 2012 and which has not been evaluated.

Bear was diagnosed with diabetes in August 2011 when he was taken to the vet for inappropriate urination, weight lose, reduced appetite, and sudden aggression toward the new kittens. At diagnosis, Bear had ketones in his urine, and was sent to a local Emergency Hospital for treatment. We don't have the records from that ER visit, but he was only there two nights (which seems to be too short a visit for DKA, so it is likely the ketonic condition was caught early, before Bear went acidotic).

Bear is having problems with diarrhea and continues inappropriate urination. He is on a high dose of Prozinc (4.5U BID) and continues to have high blood glucose levels. Through his foster Mom, DCIN will be starting him on Lantus insulin at 1U BID and testing urine for ketones. We also will change him to Fancy Feast canned food and hometest his blood glucose levels.

After a few weeks of a proper diet and insulin management, we will send him to a vet for a thorough work up.


January 14, 2012~Meet Bear. Bear is a very handsome 6 year old, neutered Tabby with a heart of gold. He is very sweet and gentle and needs a furrever home.

His current owners can no longer keep him due to a new home with an open floor plan. (Bear has been picking on the new kittens and cannot be segregated.) He is currently on 4.5 units twice a day of ProZinc and eats dry food. He is current on all of vaccinations.

A very caring worker at a vet's office is looking out for Bear and trying to find him a new home. He can only stay in boarding for a short time as the expense associated with this would be tremendous.

Do you have room in your home or heart for Bear? He is looking for a foster or a furever home. For more information please contact his Case Manager

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