Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Anonymous Cat #4 Has a Sarcoma

AC#4 had surgery yesterday. This is the surgical site.

January 17, 2012:  The biopsy results are back.  AC#4 has a high grade fibrosarcoma (VAS).  The margins were clean but the vet said this will come back and it will be more aggressive when it does.  The caregiver is to keep an eye on the site and if a lump comes back they go straight to the vet for possible removal again.

January 12, 2012--$215 in a single day for an anonymous cat is awesome. With DCIN's general fund match, this is $430 toward the top-end $1200 estimate.

I can't say who this cat or caregiver is, but I will hint that the caregiver is someone who some of you know (or should know) from her frequent postings on DCIN's Facebook page. My heart goes out to this caregiver, because I know how much this person loves this cat. Yesterday, this caregiver said to me by email "It took [AC4] months to finally come out of the foster room and move into the main house. [AC4's] finally close to [Cat A] and together the two of them do their best to keep [Cat B] calm when he gets too excited. My heart is breaking for [AC4]."

If you can help this caregiver with these costs, please do.


January 11, 2012--DCIN is fundraising for anonymous cat (AC) #4.

Sorry I can't tell you about this cat's background or who he is with. To do that might put the cat and the person at risk. But I will say that it is a diabetic cat that DCIN has helped for some time, and the person is a person dear to my heart.

AC4 has just been diagnosed with a sarcoma on his side. I don't yet know what the treatment plan will involve, but I am guessing surgery and chemo or radiation. I don't yet know the cost estimate, so I am creating an open-ended chip-in.

I also know the cat's caregiver is devastated.

Edited to add:  The estimate for the excisional biopsy under anesthesia ranges from $1,000 to $1200. AC#4 will get the surgery in two days--on Friday. DCIN is pledging $500 from its general fund as a challenge grant for this fundraising. DCIN will match any donations dollar for dollar. The caregiver will have to pay any amount that DCIN does not raise. Trust me, this kind of cost is going to be very difficult for the caregiver. Please help if you can. I am keeping the chip-in open ended because there will be costs associated with follow-up care. And prayers, please, prayers. I have seen the cytology report, and this a suspected vaccine-associated sarcoma (VAS),

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