Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DCIN Behavior Consultant

Beth with her extra-sweet Atlas
Beth Pasek, founder of The Finicky Feline & Fido, LLC of Cleveland (Facebook page), has generously agreed to volunteer as DCIN's Behavior Consultant.

Sadly but not unexpectedly, DCIN has experienced some foster and adoption failures because of discord between the new cat and resident pets. Beth will help the caregivers of DCIN foster and adoptive cats integrate those cats into their homes. Beth already has helped DCIN immensely by authoring this paper on Introducing Cats and has started to consult with DCIN clients.

Please join us in welcoming Beth to the ranks of those volunteers who are helping DCIN successfully place unwanted diabetic cats into happy foster and adoptive homes. We are fortunate to have her experience and expertise.

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