Saturday, November 26, 2011

Boo at Home in Indiana

March 13, 2012--Boo is doing so well under the care of her Daddy Brian. She is down to minimal doses of insulin, and having extended cycles, one in late February of 39 hours between shots. GO BOO!!

October 29, 2011--Here's a slideshow of pictures of Boo. Link. What a gorgeous girl she is. ~Venita

October 18, 2011: This is beautiful Boo who is at home with her daddy Brian and family in Indiana. Boo, who is a beautiful 3 year old kitty, was diagnosed with FD in August 2011. She came to join the DCIN family through her vet who knew how much Boo meant to her daddy.

Brian started Boo on ProZinc that DCIN provided and was sent some supplies to start hometesting. He joined DCC and quickly became a pro at testing Boo's blood glucose and giving Boo her insulin. Brian is a very dedicated furparent.

DCIN has also been helping Brian out with some Fancy Feast as this little girl needs to gain weight. As her numbers have been coming down Brian is seeing a huge difference in her behaviour. She has returned to being a kitten and is initiating playtime.

Welcome to the DCIN family Boo and Brian!!

~ CĂ©line, Boo's DCIN case manager

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