Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rocket is a Very Sick Boy

February 12, 2011--Claudia's Rocket, a favorite on the FDMB's Lantus Insulin Support Group, is a pretty sick boy right now. He has undiagnosed conditions, although enough labs and procedures have been done to point towards a pancreatic tumor and a brain tumor. Whatever is going on with Rocket's health is a serious financial drain on Claudia and her husband, despite past assistance by the Lantus Land Emergency Fund and DCIN. DCIN has offered to make its fund available so that anyone wishing to contribute towards Rocket's care can do so with a tax-deductible contribution. Amounts collected will be paid directly to the vet for Rocket's future care, including his neurologist visit on Tuesday, February 15. The section on Direct Donations on this page explains how to make a PayPal contribution for Rocket. Here's Rocket's story, written by Claudia.
Rocket is 17 y/o 5 month medium long hair cat. He was diagnosed with CRF on May2008, Seizures July 2008, Diabetes Sept 2008 and Pancreatitis Nov 2008. With lots of TLC and careful monitoring along with medications we managed to keep him very comfortable up til just recently. Shortly after becoming a diabetic he went on remission thanks to the guidance of everyone at FDMB back in Oct 2008. But that changed this past November when increased water consumption was noticed and it was not due to his CRF. We started insulin again Nov 6,2010. His numbers soon improved but his demeanor didn't. Tremors were becoming more noticeable and hiding under the bed soon became his place to be and sitting on his litter box and by the waterbowl seemed pretty odd places to be found ..that was mid December. Visit to the vet and blood work did not indicate anything was out of the norm as his kidney values have remained relatively good throughout the 2 1/2 yrs. fPLI test indicated a possible pancreatitis flare up but nothing was done. We were not given any meds to treat the pain if indeed he was in pain. Then on January 1 after observing him through the night of Dec 31 and his reclusiveness with severe tremoring and lack of appetite he was taken to the ER. At which point more blood work was done and another fPLI test run. We were sent home to treat the flare up with medication. But things didn't improve. He was still hiding and by mid January he had made the tub his permanent place to be as we had blocked access for him under the bed as it was difficult to test his BG while on insulin. After two ER visits, three vet visits....we were at a loss as nothing showed on the blood work. Therefore an appointment to see the IM vet was scheduled for Jan 28 at which point only blood work was done and the IM vet referred him to see the Neurologist for Feb 2 as well as an ultrasound. Upon having his apt with the neurologist and a series of tests (not MRI or scan) the neuro is of the belief that Rocket may have a brain tumor...shocking and devastating news...shortly after his apt with the neuro he was taken to the back to be sedated to get his ultrasound. The findings were unexpected. They did an aspiration of his pancreas as a cyst/nodule was found. The next day we got the news that it may perhaps be pancreatic cancer. Without further invasion to his body to do an actual biopsy he can not be treated for cancer if indeed that's what it is. So now it leaves us treating him at home for pain and to reduce the swelling of both the cyst and/or brain tumor. The visits to the vets be it specialist or regular vets has been financially draining to us as I myself been out of a job for a long time. And with the care that he now requires it has become clear that I won't be looking for a job until he stabilizes or until we say good bye to him. It was devastating news and we want what's best for him. We started the prednisolone Feb 7 and we will see how he will respond to treatment. We have started insulin again as of today Feb 9 (he held it pretty good with his numbers for 17 days....had it not been for the latest findings he would have been well on his way to a second remission). He is scheduled to see the neurologist for a follow up on Feb 15. My little guy turns today (Feb 9) 17 yrs 5 months....I love him so dearly and if you can find it in your hearts to help us.

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