Saturday, February 5, 2011


The rate of donations to help Maria with Choco has slowed down. We still have a little over half the amount we need to raise to get the low-end estimate of Choco's emergency care through tomorrow morning taken care of. The latest news from Maria, on Sunday morning, in part:
I just called the vet to check on Choco and at 9:00 am his [BG] was down to 174. They decreased his Dextrose ... and increased his insulin. They will be checking his [BG] again at noon and then his ketones at 3:00. The vet tech is in love with him. She said she was rubbing on his belly and he just laid on his back purring as loud as he could purr. She said he is a real lover boy. :O) I will be going to visit him around 3:30-4:00 so I will update again later today.
************************************************** We are fundraising for $1500. Robin's post on Covered with Cat Hair is here. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The first picture is the DKA Choco. The second is from about 4 months ago. The estimate for treatment through Monday morning is $1400 to $2700. DCIN donation instructions are here. If you follow those instructions, PayPal will not charge fees and all amounts donated will go to care for Choco. Be sure to mark your PayPal donation as being for Choco. ************************************** Choco is Maria's own cat. Maria fosters (and likely pulls and transports) for Robin's Kitten Associates. Jennifer and I found out about Choco's diabetes last week, and DCIN sent Lantus and testing equipment for Choco. Jennifer and I provided guidance on testing, dosing, and membership on the FDMB. Maria's post on FDMB yesterday is here. This morning, because Choco's BG levels were not that high, but he was hunching and not eating, Jennifer suggested and I concurred Maria take him to the vet. She did, and found his ketone levels were through the roof. The vet suggested the ER. Maria has just arrived at the ER with him, and we are working on getting him cared for, and hoping the folks who support DCIN, Kitten Associates, and Covered in Cat Hair will help us help Maria. If you can't donate, prayers and good through are VERY welcome. *********************************** KETOACIDOSIS!! This is a $1K/day DX. Choco will die if he doesn't get to an ER vet, and even if he gets there, his survival is not guaranteed. We are starting fundraising to save Choco. Details to follow. Please help if you can. ((((Maria))) Please, folks, paypal donations to ennis I will open an account at the ER vet, and pay them directly. Let's coordinate.

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