Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pet Meds Program

DCIN is joining the 1-800-PetMeds Donation program. That program provides nonprescription ear, tooth, coat care, and flea prevention products from returns and damaged packaging to rescues and shelters based on a wish list each shelter/rescue provides. Prescription products are not part of the program, except that DCIN will be able to get a 10% discount on any PetMeds products it buys. I will be asking all the guardians of the DCIN-assisted cats to let me know their wish list from the non-prescription ear, tooth, coat care, and flea prevention products available on the PetMeds website. On the flea products, specifically, the products available are Frontline and Advantage. I will try to get these products not only for your diabetic cat(s),but also for your civies and droolers. I figure that if DCIN can provide you products that you otherwise would buy for your furkids, that frees up your cash for the diabetic supplies and vetting that DCIN has been financing. So, please, guardians, give me your wish list by Monday, February 14, 2011, so that I can forward a consolidated list to PetMeds. Also, if there are non-DCIN-assisted cats on ProZinc (which PetMeds does stock), and their guardians need a 10% discount, let me know and I will see whether PetMeds will ship to an address other than mine. See DCIN's financial assistance page here.

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