Friday, January 28, 2011

Will Sell Raw Food Grinder for Donation

January 29, 2011--I did not make it clear that DCIN will sell the grinder to the person offering the highest donation (plus postage), not the first offer. The current offer is $55. $60 anyone? ************************************************************ January 28, 2011--Stefani has donated a Sam Baere TS110 grinder for DCIN to sell. This grinder is new in the box (still plastic wrapped). Stefani bought the grinder in January 2009, so it is out of warranty. DCIN will warranty the grinder for one year. Should the unit fail to perform properly during that period, DCIN will return the amount you paid. The description of the grinder is at the manufacturer's site here. This grinder does not include the extra blades described there. This grinder will handle chicken bones, but is not intended for use on hard bones, such as beef or lamb. Stefani would like DCIN to receive at least $50, plus the cost of shipping this 17.25 pound unit. (The USPS postage calculation page is here, and the unit will be coming from 19809.) If you are interested in this grinder, and will to donate at least $50 plus postage to DCIN, please let me know. If someone has this grinder, perhaps you can add a comment with a review on your unit.

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