Thursday, January 27, 2011

Peaches in Maine has a Home!!

February 2, 2010--Before I got Peaches' blog post reviewed, I found out she had been adopted. WhoHoot!! ************************************************************** Initial post, 1/27/10--"Bye, Peaches. We are moving and don't want to take you with us." ABANDONED at a shelter after living her entire 10 years with the same beans. Now Peaches lives in a kitty condo at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland Shelter in Westbrook, ME, the same location as Mandy. The shelter tells us that Peaches is not in imminent danger of euthanasia as it has chosen to give this wonderful cat a chance at life, but in the near future (weeks), if the efforts of the shelter to find an adopter do not work out, Peaches would be euthanized. Peaches is a large, 15 pound cat, strong and muscular, a spayed female, orange tiger cat. She eats a wet food only diet, with a few grain-free crunchies as a treat here and there. She has a very good appetite Peaches is very much a lapcat, affectionate, friendly to all, and happy/easy going. She likes other cats and gets along with children. The shelter does know how Peaches does with dogs, but says that judging from her disposition she would most likely be fine with proper introduction. Peaches was diagnosed diabetic by the shelter just this month. She has no history of diabetic ketoacidosis or hypoglycemia. Peaches urinates a lot and soaks her litter box. When she was diagnosed she had ketones in her urine and a blood glucose level in the 300s. She is now on a PZI insulin, 1 unit 2X/day. She is accustomed to hometesting on a random basis, getting BG levels 300s and 400s. Her one curve ranged from 250-400. She continues to have ketones in her urine. Peaches has no other known health issues, except that she is a senior cat. She has no behavior problems. Peaches tested negative for FIV/FeLV/Hrtwm in 1/3/11. She is current on all vaccines, has been checked by the shelter vet, and has received flea, tick, and worm preventatives. Shelter vet records for Peaches are available; the availability of records from her previous vet is unclear. A potential adopter is welcome to speak to the shelter vet working with Peaches. If an adopter can no longer care for Peaches, the adoption contract with the shelter would require that Peaches be returned to the shelter, or another adopter approved first by shelter.

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