Friday, September 17, 2010

Bill in CT

.. Update 10/31/10--Bill is OTJ (off the juice, that is, no longer on insulin and diet controlled). He is enjoying life with Shelley, her female cat Buoy, and his new diabetic brother Porch. **************************************************************************** Update 10/1/10--Bill is having a dental procedure today, as well as abdominal X-Rays because his urine showed some crystals.Very generous contributors have helped provide the $556 needed for this vetting. Thanks to all who sent money and get well vibes for Bill. Bill has been flirting with going OTJ, and we hope the dental will give him the little push he needs. ********************************************************************** Update 9/27/10--It seems that Bill has found his furever home with Shelley, although getting to this point was touch and go. Jennifer reports that Bill is a sweet cat--docile and loving--and took to hometesting immediately. With a diet change to wet food (and trying to keep him away from his new sister Buoy's dry food), Bill is trying to go off the juice. His BG levels have fallen from the 200s to the 100s and Shelley often has to skip his insulin shot. Jennifer and DCIN outfitted Shelley with everything she needs to treat Bill's diabetes. DCIN will be providing ongoing support for his insulin and diabetic supplies. DCIN also will be fundraising for a dental for Bill. He has a loose tooth that has to be extracted. ******************************************************************* Initial post, 9/17/10--Awesome news for Bill, the cat in yesterday's HELP post. Shelley (the original poster) will be adopting him, and Jennifer will be getting Shelley outfitted to hometest, shoot Levemir, and feed low carb wet food. DCIN will be helping with ongoing costs, including perhaps an ...initial vetting once Jennifer evaluates his condition. Shelley gets him this afternoon and Jennifer plans to visit this evening. DCIN needs donations for Bill's ongoing costs. You can PayPal tax-deductible donations to ennis93 @ (indicate in the memo line that your donation is for Bill). More to be posted about Bill once we get some info and pictures.

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