Wednesday, September 15, 2010


See follow-up on this story at Bill's page. ********************************************************************* Diabetic Cats in Need received this email last night. Please crosspost widely.
Please in desperate need of assistance to rehome a 12 year old diabetic cat who needs soft diet for lack of teeth. In fairly good health...already lost lifetime companion mom and other cat Lois (who was able to be rehomed) depressed as expected has been granted a three week stay of execution only. Bill is located in Connecticut. Mom has been placed into an assisted living facility is already devastated at change in her life. It would be heartbreaking for Bill’s mom, if Bill had to be put to sleep. She is a wonderful woman who has helped so many people in her over 80 year lifetime she is in declining health and Bill and Lois are her only children. The family in charge now does not wish to continue the expense of Bill’s insulin nor the time for the care he needs. I have a catchild and am not allowed another and could never afford Bill’s insulin cost, or I would take Bill myself. His mom Gracie has been an inspiration and a wonderful caring powerful example for me in my life. I have only known Gracie a year and I am willing to drive Bill anywhere within 5 hours of Connecticut. I made a desperate appeal for a stay of execution to try to find Bill a loving home. I may be able to get donations to fly Bill if necessary to a new home. My personal email address is shellseekervgl @ (remove spaces) name is Shelley Davis. (Phone number removed but available by contacting Diabetic Cats in Need at ennis93 @ remove spaces.) Please contact me ASAP if you can assist in any way. Sincerely desperate to save Bill’s life, Shelley Davis


Maine Kitties said...

If someone in Maine could take him, I could pick him up at the Maine border and drive him as far as Augusta if needed!

Simba said...

did you try and see if this place will take the cat?

Venita said...

Bill's been saved. See this update.