Monday, September 7, 2009

Miss Ellie Needs Financial Help...

Is this not a face to love? This is an email I received from a reliable rescue contact on September 6, 2009. The FDMB Cats in Need fund will be sending the vet some monies to help with the costs, although clearly not even close to what is needed. If you would like to help, and would like to have your contribution recognized as an FDMB Cats in Need Fund contribution, please Paypal contributions to vmaewood AT att DOT net (credit cards) or ennis93 AT att DOT net (cash and checks). Miss Ellie was rescued from a high kill shelter in Maryland by a very kind lady in early August. Miss Ellie is a precious snowshoe mix. There was not a lot of background info on her. She arrived to her foster home, as is quite the norm, with a bad URI which required plenty of antibiotics and force feeding. Yesterday, I received a call from Beth (foster mom) that Miss Ellie was rushed to vet and was diagnosed as a diabetic with ketoacidosis and dangerously low levels of potassium. She is now on multiple antibiotics, insulin, potassium supplements, and an appetite stimulant. She has a good prognosis but is requiring close and aggressive monitoring and treatment to bring her diabetes under control. Her foster mom has just lost a diabetic cat and is still paying off the cost of the end-of-life treatment for that cat. As such, she is unable to fully afford the cost of treatment as the bill is now well over $1000 which in this sad economic climate is challenging. Miss Ellie's foster mom is seeking any donation (no amount is too small) to help bring this relatively young cat back to health so that she might have the life she deserves. If you would like to make a donation to help Miss Ellie, please send directly to the Chadwell AH (Dr Gold @ Chadwell Animal Hospital, 3004 Emmorton Rd, Abingdon, MD 21009, 443-303-8744) or contact Beth, e.lindenau AT yahoo DOT com ( Thanks in advance for any help.

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