Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rocky Needs a Home

Update 4/14/2010--After many months of sending occasional emails to Amber to follow up on Rocky, this is part of the response I finally got today.
I've finally heard back from Rocky's fosters (they're both full-time ER veterinarians and often work 80-hour weeks) and it looks as though they have to decided to adopt him.
************************************************************************ I got this e-mail yesterday: I was wondering if you might be able to help me out with a homeless, diabetic kitty named Rocky. Rocky was taken to VCA last week and diagnosed with diabetes. His owners promptly opted to euthanize (despite his otherwise healthy status.) The vets and techs were able to persuade the owners to sign him over to the hospital, and he is currently in foster care with one of the vets. Unfortunately, she already has 4 dogs, 8 cats, and 1 squirrel - she is therefore unable to keep him for long. He's a handsome domestic short hair mix, only 6 years old, and extremely friendly - the techs didn't even have to restrain him for blood draws. I've already posted him on Petfinder and Craiglist, but am receiving no responses. I would really love any insight you might have. All the best, Amber Folks, this Rocky is one handsome dude. Looks like he might have some abyssinian in him. I spoke to Amber who told me he really loves people, and that he was fine with the cats and dogs when he was in ICU. Apparently he was brought in DKA, that condition was managed by the hospital and paid for by the owners, but then the owners decided not to treat the diabetes. There's an adoption questionnaire on the Petfinder site as well as Amber's email address. I have her phone number if anyone wants it, I can PM you. I hope we can find this gorgeous boy a home. I am sure we can work with Amber and the vet who is fostering Rocky with questions about his health and other things, such as waiving the adoption fee.

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