Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Clarabelle Contest--The Winner is....

Hi, I'm back home. First I want to thank my dear Ennis for taking over the clues in my absence. He's been here in my face while I did the accounting and he chose the contest winner personally. I should have taken a video, but I put the names of all who cast votes or donated money on small pieces of balled up paper and the first one he knocked out of the pile and onto the floor is the winner. And that person is............ CD AND BIG MAC!!!! There were a total of 29 $1 votes cast, so the 1/2 pot that belong to Carolyn is $14.50. (Carolyn generously donated her winnings to Cindy's Newbie Kits.) The FDMB Cats in Need Fund received extra, non-vote donations. Those non-vote donations, net of PayPal fees, was $218.19. So this little contest, started on a whim when Dale Ann took on the persona of Clarabelle to post on the Board, netted the fund $232.69!!! The possible furrever home with the most votes was Dale Ann's, with 7 votes. (I want to especially thank Cindy for paying to vote for Dale Ann twice. She really got into it!!) Other big vote grabbers were Amy's Winston with 4 votes, and Carol-Charlie, Lynette and Meow Meow, and Patricia and Fluffy, etc with 2 votes each. Thank you all for the fantastic support of the fund and your interest in the contest.

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