Wednesday, November 5, 2008

FDMB Kitty of the Month for November!!

Sheri and Spyder of the FDMB makes fabulous scented soy candles, lotions, and body sprays. Once a month, she chooses an FDMB Kitty to be her "kitty of the month," and to receive 20% of the profits from that month's sales. FDMB Cats in Need is delighted and proud to be Sheri's "kitties of the month" for November. Thank you Sheri!! The website at SoyScents by Sheri shows the types of candle jars available, including seasonal ones, and lists common scents. Sheri has found special jars for me, and she can put together "gift packages." Remember, the gift-giving holidays are right around the corner. You can also buy ahead for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other holidays (such as Valentine's Day). I've only ever heard rave reviews on Sheri's products. Please help FDMB Cats in Need by shopping with Sheri during November. This is one of the special sunflower candles Sheri made for me.They go beautifully as part of each placesetting of my sunflower dishes.

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