Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What Is This Blog??

Hi, this is Venita, known on the Feline Diabetes Message Board (FDMB) as Venita and the Boyz. "The Boyz" are my two diabetic cats, Ennis and Maxwell. I dabble from time to time in trying to help others on the FDMB with the care of diabetic cats. I recently posted a request on my breast cancer blog to help raise some funds to vet Simmy, Cheryl's extra sweet tuxie. Stefani (and Toonces) suggested using IGive.com to raise funds on an ongoing basis with no out-of-pocket from the "donors." OK, so I'm behind the times, or just not paying attention. IGive allows people to donate a portion of certain online purchases to a cause of their choosing. People select a cause they support, and when they link through IGive to one of the participating online stores, a portion of the sale goes to the selected cause. There are 730 online vendors participating!! You also can use the IGive Internet search engine instead of another engine like Google and each valid search gives $.01 to your cause. ($.02 for each search through October 31, 2008.) There are lots of worthy causes listed on IGive. Some have close associations with the FDMB, such as IMOM, Maureen's Our Lady of Mercy Catnip Cottage, and Julie's Another Chance Pet Rescue. Now there is a brand new one--FDMB Cats in Need c/o Venita. I plan to use my membership in IGive to support my cause--FDMB Cats in Need. Simmy needs to see the vet soon. There is another cat on the FDMB that I am helping to support on an ongoing basis that also will get support through FDMB Cats in Need. There also will be the ad-hoc kitties that FDMB Cats in Need will support as funds allow--remember Scabby AKA Lewes? Peggy and Mickey was going to adopt him, and we got him transferred to her. But he was very sick and we could not save him, despite a significant amount of money donated by Board members and discounted vet care. And we're often looking for funds to finance the rehoming of diabetic cats. I don't want this to get too long, so I'll make my pitch. Please consider going through IGive to do your on-line shopping and Internet searches. And to choose FDMB Cats in Need as your cause--which would be GREAT--here's a link.

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