Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We've Topped $100!!

Almost $112. In less than a month!! What a wonder. The stats are here. The payment won't be made until January or February, but just knowing the little pot of gold is growing is such a joy. The cause has 10 named supporters, and some anonymous donors. It also gets credits for Amazon purchases, but those aren't identified specifically to an individual. Here's a promo for you. I have a seven raffle tickets for Sheri and Spyder's November fragrance basket. The previous blog entry explains how Sheri has made FDMB Cats in Need the November "kitties of the month." I will give a raffle number to the first six new supporters to choose FDMB Cats in Need as their cause and make a purchase (other than through or EBay) that gives the cause a $5 "first-time user" bonus!! I will also give one raffle ticket to the current supporter who raises the most for the cause from today until the day before Sheri makes her raffle drawing. To take part in this promo, you need to register at IGive and choose FDMB Cats in Need as your cause. As the administrator of the cause, IGive gives me access to your registered name and email address, and lets me know how much your purchases and searches have raised for the cause. I encourage everyone on FDMB to participate in IGive, even if you choose another cause to raise funds for. It is such a simple way to do a little extra. Oh, and be sure to log into IGive before you use the IGive Internet search function. You need to be logged in, or at least indicate your selected cause, for the system to credit your cause for your searches. IGive is credited 2 cents for each search through Novermber 31. After that, it will be 1 cent per search.

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