Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcome to the Family, Zoozey!!

January 8, 2013--DCIN welcomes Zoozey into its financial assistance program. DCIN is going to try to help his Mom with current costs--testing supplies, syringes, and insulin--while she works on reducing the $4,000 Care Credit debt from his DKA hospitalization. Please help us to welcome Zoozey and his Mom, and please donate or set up a sponsorship for his current care. ~Venita


Zoozey sporting his IV line and not very interested in his food.
November 30, 2012--DCIN is trying to help Zoozey's Mom clear some of her debt from his recent DKA hospitalization. We are including this chip-in with our year-end fundraising effort.


November 14, 2012--Six-year-old Zoozey is not a kitty DCIN has previously known, but he and his Mom Barbi came into our FD community a few days ago, posting on the FDMB and sending us a message on DCIN's Facebook page. But some sugar kitties and their folks are friends we just haven't met yet.

Barbi asked DCIN whether it was OK to post her fundraiser for Zoozey's hospitalization for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) on DCIN's Facebook page. This is Barbi's chip-in. Consistent with DCIN policies, I called the ER clinic where Zoozey is being treated, and he is there being treated for DKA (hoping to go home today), the bill is quite large, and Barbi did put down a deposit on the bill. On her chip-in page, Barbi explains why she has a financial need. She's a grad student with all the costs that go along with being in college.

We at DCIN know that our friends are generous but they also want some assurance that the monies they donate go for the intended purpose. They also sometimes want the tax deduction of donating through DCIN. Below is DCIN's own chip-in for Zoozey. Any amounts we receive on this chip-in we will pay against Barbi's Care Credit charge for Zoozey. Thanks! ~Venita

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