Wednesday, October 24, 2012

HART of Maine - Fly free Wilma (FKA Trouble)

I mat easily, and I love my lion cuts!
October 24, 2013--Wilma has multiple tumors in her abdomen and HART will have to let her go to join the vastness soon. *tears* Fly free, Wilma.


May 16, 2013--Wilma (FKA Trouble) is still OTJ but she also recently had dental surgery and no longer has most of her teeth as they were causing her to develop stomatitis. She is much happier now.


December 11, 2012:  Seems like Trouble is no trouble at all.

She is quickly heading to remission. She has been off insulin for one full week and today's blood glucose number was 86. (PS--12/18/12--Trouble has now been declared Off the Juice. Congrats to Trouble and her caregivers!!)

She is still in need of a forever home.


October 24, 2012:  This beautiful young lady is a courtesy post for a diabetic friendly shelter group in Cumberland, Maine.

Trouble (aka Wilma) is a lovely long-haired tortie lady who is about 6 years old. She arrived at the shelter on January 2, 2011. She is definitely an alpha kitty and would be a good choice for a single cat home or also in a home with another independent, laid back kitty who doesn't mind if someone else “is the boss”.

She tolerates the other kitties in the room but makes it clear that she doesn't want to cuddle with them. Wilma is a “people cat”. She is quick to purr and has a loud little “motor”. She is a curious, active girl who has to know what you are doing and insists on helping. She would be a good candidate for a home with children as she adores attention.

I do have a permanent head tilt.
A mite infection damaged my ear.
But it makes me more cuter!
Wilma has adorable, large, polydactyl feet and a bushy tail as well! Wilma LOVES her freshly shaved lion cut style as it is easy for her to care for. Wilma is currently on 2 units of Lantus insulin BID and is on a diet of Classic Style Fancy Feast and Taste of the Wild Grain Free Dry. Ideally, in a less stressful environment, her insulin dosage may decrease, along with a canned food only diet. At the shelter, all of the kitties have access to dry due to Angus and Tam's preference for dry food. However, in a home, with one on one attention to her eating habits, Wilma can probably be easily converted to a canned food only diet.

Wilma is used to home-testing but doesn't really like it. She doesn't care for the ear poke, but is easily distracted by chin scritches and attention. She also accepts her insulin injections with few complaints or fuss. Wilma does have a slight head tilt that is permanent due to the severe ear mites that she was treated for upon intake. This tilt, however, doesn't cause her pain, but doesn't she wear it well? :) Please contact the shelter with any questions you may have about Trouble/Wilma, we'd love to hear from you! To contact HART, here is the link to our website: For a blank adoption application, click on this link:

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